Infinity Complaint - Unable to Repair - I 30 T

Review by NickO on 2004-09-30
ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a used 2001 I30T Infinity at Discover Infinity--Escondido with 19000 miles. With the radio on and the headlight on I get a Blah---Blah---Blah consistant noise. When the instrument lights are turned off the noise goes away. With no headlights on the radio provides morse code type tones. This is on AM and FM, but not with the CD.

Infinity says they cannot repair the defect; sorry.

Contact with customer service at Infinity repeats the same line. It cannot be repaired; sorry.

What are my options? I will call Infinity Japan if I must.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-10-01:
Hmm, Good question. See if you can find out the manufacturer of the radio (you may have to remove the radio and look to see who manufactured it). Then contact the manufacturer of the radio to see if they have experienced this problem. I would suspect they have and probably have a cure (maybe it is as simple as a plug in filter) Good luck.
Posted by KramNation on 2004-10-01:
You sure its not some kind of new age music? Just joking…. I wonder if some of the wires to your radio are in contact with the light wires, or other power wires. Wires can put off a RF signal, which can cause some interference. You might just try and move some of the wires around and see if it changes the sound at all.
Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-10-04:
Sounds more to me like some sort of "short" in the wiring harness, even possibly that the unit has simply gone bad. Rather than waste your time and money at a dealership, pick up a replacement unit at a sound shop and put it in yourself. good luck
Posted by The Nissan Guy on 2005-03-15:
I am a Master Tech for Nissan for over 22 years and it aounds like you have a short, first I would check the drivers door harness. For some reason the radio harness and the lights wiring are touching and shorting out, so first I would check the drivers door harness to see if is a short. You would get feed and problems you are explaining with this problem. Find a good mechanic.

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