WORST Buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complaint - Best Buy?? Worst Buy!!

Review by Crispie on 2004-10-01
WISCONSIN -- We bought a stove at Best(I use that term loosely!!) Buy, in 2000, with the Extended Warranty, which is still in effect. Well, about a month ago the brains died! We TRIED to get a repairman to come and check it out. We could NOT call our Best(NOT!) Buy in town, we had to call to another state!!
It took WEEKS before they could schedule an appointment day. And I say DAY, b/c they will ONLY tell you a day, then they call between 7-9a.m. and try to figure a time you will be home to come and look at the appliance. The service man came and looked at it, asked to use MY PHONE, when he had his OWN Cellphone!! Didn't know what the heck he was doing! Needless to say, he did NOT fix it. Right after he left it starting to go crazy again, flashing F1 and beeping at us! Reschedule, another 2 week wait!! He STILL didn't fix it, it still beeped and flashed F1, FINALLY he decided to come again that same week on Friday. Oh, but then he decided to go on vacation!!!
We got ANOTHER tech from another part of the state to come and look at it, a week later. He didn't even have the INFO on what was done to it!!!!!!!!!!!! He finally got ahold of another dude who told him there was one more thing he could try fixing. He did fix it, but after using the oven 3 times, it is beeping and flashing F1 at us again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO SICK OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, they REFUSE to GIVE US A NEW ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been without a stove for over a month!!!!!!!!! And I didn't even tell you HALF of the running around, and calling bs I had to put up with just to make an appointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM BEST(choke choke!!) BUY EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW NOT TO, ALSO!!!!!!!!! Thanks for listening!!
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Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-10-02:
Unfortunately Best Buy contracts out to other companies to do their services. So don't blame Best Buy, you should find out the company that is working on your problem, and contact them directly. Have you gone into Best Buy to resolve the situation with the store manager?
Posted by David on 2004-10-05:
"Unfortunately Best Buy contracts out to other companies to do their services. So don't blame Best Buy ..."

That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard! "Don't blame Best Buy"!. The name on the extended warranty is Best Buy. Best Buy accepted payment for the extended warranty. It is their responsibility to honor the warranty. If they contract an outside firm to perform their extended warranty repairs, that does not absolve them of responsibility. The contractor is their agent, and as such represents Best Buy.
Posted by compwiz on 2004-10-06:
Yuck. Who would ever buy a major appliance from Best Buy?
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-12-13:
David...you're a smart a$$ and you're dumb.

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