Xtream Media Server Complaint - Xtream Media Sells Used, Dirty, Damaged Gear!

Review by Doctor Audio on 2010-02-15
REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA -- I want to share w/all of you the Horrible experience I have had with XTREAM MEDIA SERVERS, Redlands, California.

Dec 23rd I gave XTREAM MEDIA SERVERS a check for $2257 for a Brand NEW Pro-3800 & was promised it would arrive Dec 29th 2009-It didn't they lied!

Januray 12th a Dirty, Used, dented server without owners manual, and covered in Greasy finger prints arrived. Immediately informed Xtream and they confirmed THEIR ERROR-They claim they sent us a consumers repair by accident. They said they would replace with a new Server and send call tag. As of February 15th they have done absolutely nothing & they do not return my emails or calls. Very unprofessional perhaps criminal operation. My wife called them DOZENS of times and each time she was lied to that a replacement, Call Tag, or refund check was sent. I have More supporting documents & encourage any interested party to contact me I'll be more then happy to supply them to you. Not a crime? Mail order fraud consists of any illegal scheme that fails to deliver or Misrepresents merchandise, False or Misleading claims in which a payment of a considerable sum of money is made only to find that the product is Not what you expected, defective or stolen merchandise.

Buy an Ecceint or Kaleidescape This company is a scam!
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Posted by Doctor Audio on 2010-02-15:
a letter from another Xtream Media dealer to me...........
Hello Kevin,

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with them... Honestly, I have not bought anything from them at all.. They came and demoed the server at my place about 2 years ago, provided me some minimal tech data, etc. Their site had the most info on it but was not really to the level I needed to sell the stuff and be able to pitch it well.. I contacted them quite a few times to get more data on the units from them etc with not much response... From what I understand they were originally here in the LA area not in Redlands (Northern Cal), so they must have moved... The product they had was unique about 2 years ago but has been surpassed and/or other options are out there so I am sure it did not do as well as they had thought it would originally. The problem for them is that they only make a limited product line so if that doesnt sell, they do bye bye and if they are treating people like you they way you explain I bet it wont be long they will fold up... The business is rough enough these days then to sell $5K servers and treat the customers poorly... Have a good weekend.. Let me know if there is anything I can help you on..

Posted by MRM on 2010-02-15:
Posted by Doctor Audio on 2010-02-15:
FEB 15 th has come & gone STILL NO REFUND from these Criminals!
Posted by Doctor Audio on 2010-02-18:
Purchase was solicited by [snip - no names please], a representative for Xtream Media Server in my home on Dec 23rd ,2009. I paid him $2257 as he agreed to deliver a Factory Sealed-Brand new The Pro-3800 by Dec 30th,2009 what I received weeks later is clearly not what I ordered.I have copy of original Purchsase order & will fax copy.THe Pro-3800 that was delivered is Used,dirty, dented/damaged,without chrome handles,without owners manual,and does not operate.It is Defective. I have supporting documents from [snip] offering a FULL refund I want my money back & need you to clearly understand this company has not acted in good faith.
Posted by Doctor Audio on 2010-03-03:
March 3 , 2010 BBB of California called and agrees that these guys are
Not honest and are playing games-I faxed them all of the communications I have & happy to fax to any consumer or retailer considering dealing w/these theives.
My lawyers guarantee a win in court but not that I would ever get paid so Im still thinking about if that is worth my trouble but, I have time

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