Meyers Van-Lines of California moving and storage Complaint - Do Not Go through this company please! Save yourself the trouble!

Review by starkiller69 on 2010-02-17
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- Hi. My name is Linda and recently I used a moving company called Meyers Van Lines of California Moving and Storage, and I was appalled. I wouldn't waste my time writing this review if I wasn't truly and utterly shocked at how the entire transaction went with this company. I want to save everyone else the trouble! First off, I was relocating from California to Nebraska. I gave them a list of items, they gave me an estimate. When all was said and done it was more than double what they estimated me on and I gave them an accurate description of my belongings, trust me, thats how they get you. In addition, instead of weighing my stuff when they got there, they told me it would be an extra 40 dollars to drive to the weigh-in (which was the plan anyway!) the guy talked me into going by cubic feet which ultimately cost me more, when he promised it would be cheaper, (which was NEVER discussed originally-didn't know I had the option.) OK so then they say it will take no more than a week, it took 14 days, I'm serious. They call me two weeks later and the guy says he can't back the truck up into my circle, which was definetly big enough so we had to take OUR truck and go back and forth to the truck and basically move our own stuff to the house, when this was all supposed to be included in the "deal"! On top of that, they sent ONE guy to move all my stuff, I mean, how did they expect one small man to move all that stuff? So we called the boss and told him, there was no way one guy could do all this work, so they tried to say we would be charged for another man to come out!!! I was livid at this point, not only do we have to go back and forth in a truck in the cold to get our stuff, but we had to pay for another person to come here?! There was supposed to be two men in the first place, and after they sent the other guy out, the original guy told us basically that we had to tip the guy coming, which we didn't even end up minding because he was actually nice and helped. So the temp comes out and hes the only one that actually was polite to us...The original guy was pissed off at us for calling the manager when we found out there was only one guy and he was very rude the whole time to my elderly father who was there helping! I have been in customer service for more than 10 years, I'm 26 years old and I know how to treat people much better than a "successful" company does and I also know this is not how anyone deserves to be treated. As if this couldn't get worse, he told us cash, then switched the next morning and said he wanted a money order so we had to go out again into the snow. ON TOP OF THAT, they completely busted one of my aquariums and when I went to make a claim, I emailed them, like they told me to, and they still to this day haven't sent the form, which was already over a week now. I can't believe they are in business still, I will never ever use that company for anything again and I'm telling everyone I know this story. I didn't think that many things could go wrong in one experience with a company, after all the other stresses of moving, they really caused us a lot of inconvenience and were totally un-professional and rude. They say what goes around, comes around so hopefully they don't stay in business too long. People have enough to worry about when they move, they shouldn't have to worry about doing someone else's job as well.

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