Williams Fuel Service Complaint - Williams' Fuel Service Owner Rude, Condescending and Intolerant

Review by 116748 on 2010-02-17
HATFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA -- The owner of Williams' Fuel Service in Hatfield, PA, did not treat me with the respect and kindness that I expect to have with someone with whom I'm doing business. I made a mistake that led to a credit card decline which should have been handled easily and quickly with courtesy and respect. I was happy to correct my mistake within 24 hours with a new credit card. However, the owner raised his voice to me, spoke condescendingly, and hung up on me twice.

This came as a surprise to me since I had paid him $1000-$1500 in the past couple of months. You'd think he'd be grateful, instead he treated me like a deadbeat who had been avoiding him for years.

I would not recommend this company for your heating needs. There are far too many companies in our area that are happy to treat their customers well.
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Posted by billy 9000 on 2010-02-18:
Moved From Other Review: I am the owner the company, And we did solve the problem in 24 hours and we did it with out being rude. My number is 215 393 3070 for anyone who wishes to call. The person leaving the blog did not use her real name as it was given to us. We are proud of our reputation with our other customers, and will be happy to give references to any one who would like one. We cannot please everyone, even if we do exactly as they wish, as in this case.

Posted by Pepper on 2010-02-19:
actually i don't see anything rude in the company response.

what i'm wondering about now is... what was this "small mistake"
and were both parties raising voices etc?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:

Where did I say that their response here was rude? I don't see anything rude in the company response either. But of course they aren't going to be rude here. And, they weren't rude when I established my account with them either.

Also, you put the words "small mistake" in quotes and said you're wondering what it was.

I very clearly acknowledged what my mistake was in my initial post, as well as in my follow up response. Did you read all the posts in full? Also, I never referred to it as a "small mistake," so why the usage of quotes?

I did eventually have to raise my voice to the owner to assert myself over him to explain that he had no right to speak to me the way he was, and he had no right to continue interrupting me. At this point, he hung up on me when he saw that I wasn't going to accept the behavior.

I did not initiate the negativity, as a matter of fact, as I mentioned previously, I immediately apologized and my apology was met with more negativity.
Posted by goduke on 2010-02-19:
Sounds like it's time for these folks to part ways professionally.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
Definitely goduke.

I had decided that when he refused to apologize. I just came here to be informative.

I do want to say though, that had he apologized, I would still be a customer, because I believe people make mistakes, but what matters is what they choose to do with it.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-02-19:
because "small mistake" like thus means i'm "quoting" you. as for the use of "small" my apologizes. I thought I had read that word.

However, my first instincts have not been changed, you seem very defensive over simple questions.

And no, you did not actually post what the "mistake" was.

Though your "reply" seems to be gone now anyway, so there's no way to tell if you included what the "mistake" was, or whether the phone conversation with the company was only uncivil on one side or on both.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:

I am reposting this as my reply to the owner's response. I credited a writer by name while using a quote and using a specific name goes against the guidelines. :) I have made the necessary correction by omitting the personal name. This should be read as though it came directly after the owner's response.

As the author of this post, I'd like to address your reply.

"I am the owner the company, And we did solve the problem in 24 hours and we did it with out being rude."

-I did not say that the problem was not solved, but I firmly disagree with your point that you were not rude while we were solving it. The definition of rude is "offensively impolite or ill-mannered." You demonstrated those behaviors during two different phone calls. Societal norms would dictate that interrupting, being condescending, raising your voice, and hanging up on someone twice is offensively impolite and ill-mannered.

"My number is 215 393 3070 for anyone who wishes to call."

-I'm certain that anyone who should call this number initially will be met with the same polite attitude, cooperation and willingness to help that I experienced. That's why I found the rude behavior so shocking. You had been in my home and had been very kind.

However, the moment that I made a mistake in paying my bill, a mistake that anyone could make, you did not show me the same attitude you had before. When you called to notify me of my mistake, my greeting to you on the phone was a positive, "Oh, hi, how are you?" To which you replied with a raised voice, "NOT GOOD, YOUR CREDIT CARD WAS DECLINED!"

In my opinion, you did not demonstrate kindness or grace in any fashion. I am posting reviews of my opinion, of the way you conduct business because I feel other consumers should be made aware that if they enter a contract of business with you, they run the risk of being treated negatively should they make an error.

"The person leaving the blog did not use her real name as it was given to us."

-Of what consequence is this??? To scrutinize a person's online screen name seems very petty to me. By pointing this out instead of taking time to apologize, you're only demonstrating to me, and our readers, your interest in furthering the argument. But again, that's just my opinion.

No, it's not my real name, and I'm not hiding from you just because I have a screen name that's different from my real name. I knew if you read this you'd certainly know who I was, mostly because I told you I'd share my experience with anyone who'd like to hear it.

I'm sure your friends and family don't use your screen name "billy 9000" when they're talking to you. We all use, or at least we should, use screen names when we're online. I have no idea what point you're trying to make with this.

"We are proud of our reputation with our other customers, and will be happy to give references to any one who would like one."

-Most businesses do have some happy customers, otherwise, they would go out of business quickly.

My favorite quote is, "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it." Many of your customers most likely will never make a mistake that upsets you. I can understand, and accept responsibility for, and have apologized for SEVERAL times, the fact that my mistake may have been frustrating to you. However, instead of showing grace and kindness, by saying something like, "Your mistake was no problem, things happen," you raised your voice to me and demanded I call my boyfriend to "see if he has a credit card I can use." And, you hung up on me when I asked you for an apology the next day.

I'm sure that you could find some happy customers who will give you a great reference, perhaps you're nice as long as the customer doesn't upset you.

"We cannot please everyone, even if we do exactly as they wish, as in this case."

-All that was needed was a simple, "Hey, I apologize for how I spoke to you. I admit I was frustrated and I didn't handle it appropriately." That's literally all that was needed to "please" this customer.

It's interesting to see that you admit you "cannot please everyone," when I explained to you, on the phone, all I needed was an apology. An apology I did not get then, and still have yet to.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
Thank you Pepper Elf for your apology. I'm glad you realize now that I did take responsibility for my mistake and did not minimize it in any way.

Please read the original post, as well as my response to the owner, which I've reposted. It was deleted because I used a personal name to give credit for a quote. I've made the necessary correction. I've made no other edits or corrections, it's the same as it was before with the exception of the name.

If you read the posts, then I'm sure you'll find where I've cited twice what my mistake was that led to the confrontation.

I apologize if I appear defensive over simple questions. My goal was simply to answer, very directly and without confusion, the questions you posed without being defensive, but also being honest. I'm sorry if my direct communication offended you.

Honestly, your writing could also carry a certain tone with it if I were inclined to go that way, but I'd rather give you the benefit of the doubt and understand that tone is difficult to ascertain in online writing. I hope you'll give me the same respect.

To address your point about the telephone conversation, it's true you have no idea what really happened in the phone conversation, and there's no way for you to know. However, I'm exercising my right to write here about my perception of the phone call and the owner has a right to do the same. If he feels that I was disrespectful to him, he's welcome to address it, and I'd be happy to listen.

Posted by Pepper on 2010-02-19:
actually i never said you took or didn't take responsibility
i only apologized for the use of the word "small"

i read your post but it didn't say what the mistake was, just that it lead to the credit decline.

I do see you've reposted his phone number however.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-02-19:
I can only assume your original response was deleted in error Kate. Your mention of Pastor Swindoll as originator of a quote you used in your complaint hardy violates any rules here from what I ever thought I knew.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-02-19:
i think the response was deleted because she posted his phone number
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-02-19:
LOL, well that makes so much sense then considering she was just copy/pasting his post above where he did it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
PepperElf, your usage of the word "small" seemed to imply that you thought I had used it, and if I had, that would be minimizing it. In any case, I'm certainly not here to argue semantics with you.

The mistake was the credit decline itself, the credit card I had provided a couple of months prior was now closer to its limit. Therefore, my mistake was providing a credit card that was declined. Again, we're having a semantics discussion and I don't quite understand the point.

May I ask what positive contribution you feel you are bringing to this conversation by discussing semantics?

Slimjim, I did think that it was because I used the name. For the phone number, I was merely quoting what he'd already posted. If the moderators find that to be a problem, I'll be happy to edit it out and repost.

Posted by Slimjim on 2010-02-19:
Don't worry about it Kate. It had to be an oversight. The complaint itself has the address and main phone number listed already in the proper areas were such should be at the top. Personal home, cell, direct lines or the like, are the ones not permitted.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-02-19:
oh that's what the mistake was.

and i apologized for the word "small" already. or is that something you still wish to "complain" about? or is it my use of "quotes"
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
PepperElf, I'm did not ask you to apologize for anything. And, I also didn't complain about anything. Your usage of quotes, or lack thereof, is really insignificant to me.

I've tried to be nice to you, but you just aren't receptive. Please stick to the topic, stay positive, or leave the thread and go work for Williams' Fuel Service. Perhaps you already do, which would explain a lot.

This thread is to discuss the level of service this company provides. If you have experience with this company, by all means, please share it. Otherwise, please keep your instigations to yourself as I refuse to participate.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-02-19:
How much money are we talking about here that was involved in the "mistake"?
I'd be po'd also if someone mistaked me out any $$$.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
jktshff1, it was approximately $450, but did you read all the posts fully? I acknowledged my wrong, apologized immediately, and made it right without hesitation.

I've worked in service for over 15 years. When someone's credit card is declined, you don't yell at them. You politely say, "I'm sorry, your credit card was declined. Do you have another one we can use?" That's the reason why I cite the quote about what matters most is how you react to a situation.

Also, in my first post, I discussed how the owner treated me as though I had owed him for years, in which case, I'd deserve to get yelled at. In this case however, it was an easy remedy to provide a second card, which I did quickly.

I have seen hundreds of cards be declined over the years in my business. It happens. But never have I ever spoken disrespectfully or condescendingly to anyone about it.

If I had refused to pay, then by all means, he has the right to speak to me however he wants, because I agree with you jkt, I'd be pissed too. But, I didn't refuse. I immediately apologized, and resolved the situation.

He should have said, "Look, I was frustrated that your card was declined, and I overreacted. Thanks for taking care of it." I could understand that.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-02-19:
I read your post in it's entirety as well as your replies. I would still be po'd about the $450.00 being late (makes no difference how late, but late).
Someone's credit card is declined, I want cash.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
Then you perhaps you either don't own a business, or you own a business that doesn't do well.

A client's credit card decline doesn't mean you should not be frustrated or angry, I get frustrated when I encounter the same situation. Again, and I apparently can't say it enough, what matters is your attitude in handling it.

You can be frustrated, but there's no reason to be disrespectful. If someone's credit card is declined for me, I also want payment. But, I go out of my way to be respectful, because 9 out of 10 times, it was probably just an oversight on their part, and an easy fix.

Why risk losing a customer, (and having them share the story with everyone), just because you're angry? Isn't it better to be wise and control your anger, handle the situation with kind assertion, and then everyone's happy?

It's very childlike to become so angry that you cannot control your actions to the point that you lose business.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-02-19:
doing very well as a matter of fact. I have A and D customers. no in between. If their money ain't no good I don't need them. That is one of the reasons I am doing well.
I see billy did not slam you here in the reply. They did do as you wished. A fly on the wall probably would have a little to say about your attitude also.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
This OP is confusing me. Either the guy was rude or not. First he was condescending and disrespectful, then he is not rude and nowhere did she say he was....

And yet, the OP made the mistake that caused the whole ordeal...
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
I really wish that some of you would read the posts in full before commenting.

Jkt, if my money "ain't no good" then why did he accept my $1500 for the past two months? And, you cannot do well in business if you are rude to your clientele, it's just not possible.

I agree, and agreed above, that he did not "slam" me in the reply. That would be foolish on his part. That would only incriminate him further. He's not stupid, he's not polite, but he's not stupid.

And yes, Jkt, again, I said above, (REALLY getting tired of repeating myself), that I did raise my voice at the end because I had to assert myself over him to let him know I would not accept his behavior.

LadyScot, please, just please go back and read before commenting.

He was rude to me on the phone, he was not rude in this post.

Posted by Dagny Taggart on 2010-02-19:
Wow I can't believe all the comments flying around in here. It seems to me that this was, and is, a simple issue: Mistake made>customer apologizes and makes it right=no problem for owner. From what I gathered reading this review, the customer had already proved to be a "paying" customer having spent $1500 already. There was no history of bad checks, declined payments, etc so why would any business owner be anything but nice in trying to get this rectified? I can understand if there had been a pattern of missed payments, bad checks, declined cards and the customer was ducking phone calls (I've run businesses for years and have had my share of people ducking payments) but for a first time occurrence, wouldn't it be more professional for a business owner to be polite and give the benefit of the doubt initially to see if this was an honest mistake? Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty". From KateB's review, it seems as if she was caught off guard by this $450 charge and wanted to take immediate measures to rectify the situation. That would by no means be a call for rudeness. Even if the owner of the company has a short fuse/temper and lost it initially, once the customer made good by providing another card why on earth wouldn't he apologize if for no other reason than to prevent an entire discussion such as this?

All I can say is I'm sure this is not the first time that Willims has had a problem with a payment from a customer and for this customer to provide alternate payment within 24 hours should be reasonable resolution, therefore, "billy" should have at least held his temper long enough to allow the customer to make it right. For someone in here to say he/she'd be pissed if someone “mistaked” them for $450, you quoted the word mistake as if you don’t believe it was an honest mistake. I wouldn’t want to be stiffed out of $450 either BUT, making alternate arrangements because of an innocent error is far from stiffing someone! I ask you this: why would someone knowingly stiff a company out of $450 when that company knows where they live and still has a credit card in the person’s name?

KateB, thank you for posting your review; I always appreciate a heads up on customer service issues. It sounds like you conduct business in a similar fashion to me; I don’t give my business to anyone who doesn’t appreciate it and “s&#@” happens; it’s how the customer service department/business owner handles it that is important to me. I’ve had some pretty big companies screw up some pretty important things but because a manager/owner/customer service rep handled it properly, I remained a customer!
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-02-19:
You are a new member and welcome aboard. Some other members are merely asking additional questions, voicing an opinion and not making accusations. No more, no less than that. I truly don't completely understand what happened here.

Yes, your credit card was declined. That is understood. I was not privy to the conversation BUT I do know from past experience sometimes one will become past due with his account, agree to catch it up, pay with a check that bounces, avoid contact as long as possible and then give a credit card that is declined. At that point the individual doing the collecting has given up all sympathy and just wants the money owed. They do tend to get really sore. In no manner am I suggesting you did that. Just asking for clarification.

You stated you had paid $1000.00-$1500.00 within the past several months. Was this on a past due account and you were attempting to catch up? Serious question here.
Posted by goduke on 2010-02-19:
This has certainly spun out of control, hasn't it?
Posted by Skye on 2010-02-19:
There have worse threads, like the BOA ones, that really go asunder!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-02-19:
Maybe 'cause you weren't declined.
Long story short.
1. apparently you had a problem with your credit card
2. he was upset because he did not get his money and gets a charge from the credit card company for using their services and getting nothing.
3. apparently, resubmitted and credit went thru..more charges to him. Typically 3.5% of purchase.
4. Yea he got po'd so would I
5. You had no right to raise your voice, at that point you were bringing yourself (from your statements) down to his level of hollering.
6. YOUR FAULT, YOUR CARD that caused the problem. Seems like you are just trying to justify your own actions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
Danny, thank you for reading and providing a sensible, polite response. That's not to say that I only think of it as polite because you agreed with me, it's just that I was starting to get a little confused as to what this site is all about. I'm happy to be open and listen to any opinions that are presented respectfully.

Hi Nohandle, thank you for the welcome, I appreciate it.

I understand that if someone had chased me for a year, a month, or even a week due to late payments, maybe he'd have a right to yell at me. In this situation, I was not behind whatsoever.

We just moved into a new home about 3 months ago. The prior owners left us a full tank of oil, and we assumed it would last several months, but it didn't. One month into living here, we realized we were out and needed an emergency fill. The owner of this business came out himself and filled up our tank after hours, which was very kind, and we paid in full on the spot.

A month and half or so later, we ran out again, and they came back, filled it up, and charged the card on file immediately. After running out a second time, (we're new at homeownership), we asked if we could be put on auto-delivery. We expected the first auto-delivery to occur possibly in March based on how long the oil had lasted before.

But I didn't clearly understand the process apparently. They don't wait until it's empty, they just come once a month or so regularly and top it off. I will not say that was, or was not, explained to me at the time I asked for auto-delivery. I will say that I do not remember it being explained that way, because it's possible that it was and I didn't fully grasp it.

They came unexpectedly a few days ago while I wasn't home. They apparently went back to their office to run the card on file and it declined because we weren't prepared and didn't realize they would be back so quickly. This $450 payment was not for any past due balance, it was for that day's service. Upon realizing the problem, I fixed it with providing another method of payment in full.

I hope that this explanation helps some of you understand why I was so shocked and disappointed at the treatment I received. We're just first time homeowners (the oil company owner knew this) and we're just trying to figure it all out as we go.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
Jkt, I know "my fault, my card," but I accepted responsibility for my actions. How is that trying to "justify" them?

And, no, I did not remotely bring myself to "his level." Again, (boy, you really need a lot repeated...), I said, I had to firmly raise my voice to let him know his behavior would not be tolerated.

Had I kept my mouth shut, he may have continued to bully me, and there's no way I was going to let that happen.

Jkt, I would love for someone to speak to your wife, girlfriend, mother or partner the way he spoke to me and see if you'd stand for it. Even if they did make a mistake, I seriously doubt you'd abide anyone showing them disrespect.

If you're the type of person that believes people deserve to be disrespected when they make a mistake, then I'm very happy I don't know you.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-02-19:
I'm sorry, Dagny is a sock, and that's just the way I see it. All OPs credibility has gone out the window.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
Oh, gee, Yt, do ya think it is because Dagny just joined today?

Posted by Ytropious on 2010-02-19:
lol possibly. But the sentence structure, grammar, etc along with the join date just do it in.
Posted by Skye on 2010-02-19:
Sounds like the Walmart complaint lady, who was responding to her own posts, but forgetting to log on and off with the new NIC.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-02-19:
Welcome to the site Kate.
Like I said, the fly on the wall would provide another look at this.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:

I am astounded.

I didn't even realize that "Dagny" joined today, I also didn't read it as "Danny."

I think it should be very clear that I have no need to have an alternate screen ID to assert myself.

It's really a statement about what type of person you expect to see here if you find it to be an anomaly when two people have decent grammar.

Posted by Ytropious on 2010-02-19:
You didn't assert yourself, you agreed with yourself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
I have clearly asserted myself throughout the entire conversation.

Some, not all, of you really seem a little childish. Have ANY of you had any experience with this business???

Please, someone post here, even if it's a raving discussion about the excellent service they provide, just someone please engage me in a real, adult conversation....
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-02-19:
It has repeatedly been attempted.
Ya can't reason with a deaf brick
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
Hey Dagny Taggart perhaps you can answer me this. Who is John Galt?
Posted by Pepper on 2010-02-19:
hmm maybe i should get some popcorn to watch the show
except that i'm not very hungry.

i had my first fish sammich in years and ... it was kinda disgusting. next time i'll just make my own.

and yeah, it's always interesting when a 1-post-count person just happens to wander in to support.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Yes Jkt, I'm starting to certainly understand the feeling of talking to a deaf brick, and apparently, many of the "regulars" here make up the foundation of this site with very, very deaf bricks. And, although I know it will just fall once again upon the closed ears of the bricks who build this house, I have something to say, and I'll be curious who of you will actually be open minded and patient enough to read this comment in full before you start typing your comment.

So here's the thing...

First, (and I'm speaking to those of you who believe the "sock" theory in this situation), I think it's absolutely hilarious that you're so accustomed to poor grammar and terrible sentence structure in your own writing here on this site, that you automatically assume that if two people show up in the same thread who write well, then they must be one in the same. I can just hear it now, "Oh no, uh uh uh... sommeones talkin good too times in a row! must b the same person LOL."

Next, I came here to post a review of horrible service I received from a local company. So far, none of you have stepped up to say that you have received any type of service from this company. So I can only assume you're here just to run your mouths whether it be for my side, or against it. I'm only interested in people who make a contribution in life.

What you may not realize is that I did not actually come here to make friends. I came here to post a review for people in my community to read should they wish to do research on this company. Shocking, I know! You'd think that instead of coming here, I would have taken myself to a site where consumers can safely share their perceptions of problems in business!

So if you disagree, or agree, that my perception of the story is the reality, it truly is of no consequence to me. No offense meant here, but really, each of you on this thread, besides myself and the owner of the company, are insignificant in the design of what I've written. That's because you have yet to show yourselves as anyone lives in this area, and therefore your responses don't really matter.

What does matter are the responses from friends and family in our local area to whom I've forwarded this link to. And their responses are that they would never consider Williams' Fuel Service for their oil needs, and they're sharing it with their friends and family in the area as well. Those people, they are the significant ones.

Now, although your opinions aren't detrimental in this situation, I would like to present another perspective on your "sock" theory. I care not whether you accept it, I only care whether I present it, likewise, I care not how you think of me, but I do care how I present myself, and I'd be amiss if I didn't explain something to you, (even though I'd think that being open minded and considering all aspects of a situation before running my mouth is natural, I get that some of you don't feel that way and can't help but speak before thinking).

Perhaps this was a mistake on my behalf, but as I mentioned, I did share this link with some friends and family so that they could see the review, but NOT to seek their help and support. I'm new here, and didn't see any "rules" that would suggest that I should not share the link. It is possible, that someone, whether I know them personally or not, but I suppose it is possible that someone to whom the link was forwarded yesterday could have decided to register, log on, and support my discussion. However, I have not been made aware of this by anyone I know.

I'm astounded that you assume that I would have to do that myself. Perhaps that's what you're used to, for less educated and less self aware people, or perhaps that's what you have to resort to when you feel insecure in your intelligence, but it's simply wrong of you to label another person with what you feel, assume, and/or practice for yourselves.

While no one has told me directly, I actually do hope "Dagny" is someone here in our area that could be a potential customer because that's one more person who is significant to the conversation, when in the scope of things, the rest of you really are not.

And, if that's the case, why is that wrong? Aren't new people from the same area allowed to sign up and comment on the same day?

All this being said, absolutely I can understand why you could possibly fall into the assumption that it's me, because you don't know me. I can see that is just the type of ignorant behavior that people of low intellect and a lack of security would do to support their own argument.

But let's say I was feeling really insecure in my own intelligence, and I decided to create another screen name with which to log in and support my own story.

1. I would not choose a name that's so easy to Google so you can see quickly how made up it is.
2. I would not stick with the "first name/last name/no numerical character format I've used in my screen name.
3. I certainly would not use the same sentence structure and decent grammar. I'd dumb it down a little at the very least.

I can hear some of you deaf, not mute, bricks ready to type and say, "Yeah, that's what you would say, maybe you created it that way so you could argue it." And that's fine. The same thought would occur to me if I were in your position because I do understand it is strange for a story to be supported by another recent member so quickly.

But if you think that about me, I'm really ok with that. You are free to have whatever opinion you wish to have. I've done my job here, and that was to inform my local readers about the business. My goal was not to walk away from here saying, "You like me! You really like me!"

Now, for those of you who have participated in this discussion just to be annoying, start trouble, and basically be void of any positive contribution, I get what you're doing. I really do. When I'm bored, I pop into an occasional discussion and end up ripping apart a naive, ignorant person just to see if I can win, and I always do, I always win.

But here's what you should know about me... you won't chase me away, you won't make me feel insecure about myself or my posting, you won't make me block you, you won't make me end the commenting on this thread, you won't affect me, and most importantly, you will not win.

Maybe you're used to picking on ignorant people who are incapable of independent thought, therefore, when you bully yourselves anonymously to them, you know they'll cower away.

Not this time.

I need no approval from any of you about what I've written, and even if I did, I wouldn't need a sock, a shoe, a shirt or a sundress to attain it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
I don't know who is who, if the OP is multiple people posting on this complaint and honestly I don't care.

Here is how I see it.

1) Kate made a mistake with the credit card for whatever reason (which to me and the business owner doesn't matter).

2) Kate wanted to make it right, the business owner was rightly upset but should have maintained professional composure.

3) Kate wanted an apology, which she should have gotten if there was any type of unprofessional behavior on the part of the business owner.

4) The business owner wanted payment, which because Kate was late and the business incurred additional charges (denied transaction and repeated credit card processing fees) should have included late charge.

5) Both parties can maintain a business relationship and learn from this incident moving forward.

Problem solved. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
SOMEONE needs to read the rules about multiple accounts....
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Pro, you forgot to add: Kate needs to LET IT GO. She says owner was rude, owner says not so. We will never know. Either way, Kate repeating herself ad nauseum does not endear her to anyone. Nor does it force folks to agree with her.

Common sense model: 1) the way I see it 2) the way you see it 3) the way it really is.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Agreed, Raven.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
ProConsumer, you're right on all accounts except #4, I wasn't "late." The oil charge came as a surprise, because it was unscheduled and early, based on prior charges. Had the owner asked for a decline fee, I would have paid a decline fee in cash, not as a victim of free harassment.

And #5, based on my own code, the owners refusal to acknowledge poor behavior negates my ability to continue a business relationship.

Raven, SOMEONE needs to read all the posts before SOMEONE speaks....

And, I can LET IT GO, when I choose to LET IT GO.

Maybe it's just not that some of you don't read the posts, maybe you do read them, but lack reading comprehension skills??? The lack of reading comprehension, coupled with the poor grammar, and then we add on your surprise that two people showed up that write well makes me realize why you're available to sit around on these sites and write for weeks at a time like you do.

Common sense model:

1) I come here to post because I have that right.


3) You read my posts and realize I'm not remotely interested in "forcing folks to agree" nor am I interested in "endearing myself" to you in any fashion.

I'm not interested in proving anything to any of you. Did you read my last post????? At this point, I'm oddly fascinated with the inability many of you display to comprehend what you're reading. This is grade school stuff folks. You didn't have to go to college to understand what you read. Am I speaking over your heads?

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
LOL...thanx for the entertainment this morning, Kate. Based on your rude and obtuse comments here, I side with the owner.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Kate, my comments were as I stated, the way that "I" see it. Agree or disagree, that is my opinion. Your comments make it apparent that you are not an easy person to deal with. In this case, the business owner is better off walking away. You are very short sighted, must always have the last word, and are uninterested in any opinion other than your own.

Good day.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Well said, Pro. Well said.

*goes back to whacking folks in Mafia Wars while waiting for the dryer to buzz*
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
"LOL..." - Always, always, always a sign of high intellect.

"thanx for the entertainment this morning, Kate." - You're welcome, although there's little to be said for one who is this easily entertained. And, it's "thanks."

"Based on your rude and obtuse comments here," - I have been beyond polite and kind and courteous, but that wasn't sufficient for some of you. Some of you obviously have a need to put in your "3 cents" and feel like you've affected a situation without reading and comprehending the story. Yes, I've grown weary of your type on this thread, and you're getting back what you dish out. Can't take it? Then, please LOL yourself away, no one invited you and your thoughtless words.

"I side with the owner." - Oh no! You don't??? Please no. Raven, your opinion is so very important to me. I wouldn't be able to go on if you didn't side with me. What.. with your LOLs and your creative spelling of certain words when we're all used to spelling thanks with a K, you go and creatively tear it up with a X... you're just too important. Tell me, what can I possibly do to garner your siding with me? It really, just, means so very much.


"Kate, my comments were as I stated, the way that "I" see it. Agree or disagree, that is my opinion" -So far, that's one of the few statements on this page I can respect.

"Your comments make it apparent that you are not an easy person to deal with." -And, then you just negated it by making a comment that lacks insight... Maybe you're right. Maybe I expect kindness when I'm giving someone $2000. Maybe I expect strangers on the internet to have sense enough to allow me to post in a public forum without them slinging their short sighted, uninformed rantings all over it. Gee, I am tough to deal with. My standards are so above where you are, I can see why you're intimidated.

Why couldn't you stop at the first sentence? You had my respect there, but then you just keep on with pointless banter... it's so weird...

"In this case, the business owner is better off walking away."

-Right, because you were there and you heard everything that happened. Thank you for your wisdom.

"You are very short sighted," -Wow... aren't you The Ironic One??? Allow me to apologize to you then for jumping on the bandwagon and refusing to consider a different viewpoint before opening my mouth... oh, wait, that wasn't me...

"are uninterested in any opinion other than your own."

Gee, I hate that you have this opinion of me... if only, somewhere on this page I had made it clear that I was interested in educated opinions instead of being only interested in my own... if only....

Back to you Raven,

"*goes back to whacking folks in Mafia Wars while waiting for the dryer to buzz*"

Thank you for confirming for me the level of intellect I'm dealing with here. I didn't realize I was on site with my baby sister's junior high friends! Are you going to her sleepover this weekend?

And finally back to ProConsumer,

"must always have the last word"

I had to leave this one for last, too good not to!

I'd be THRILLED to end this discussion and walk away from it, if someone, anyone, will offer up an opinion, dissenting or otherwise, that I can respect.

By the way, I like your vast amount of "stars." With your one and two stars, I can really see how other people feel about your Faux Contributions as well.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
I must thank you, Kate for proving my point down to the last letter. You are a real gem. You called the business owner condescending? Pot, meet kettle. At this point, your posts are nothing more than tyrannical rants and have eliminated all (if any) credibility you may have had.

Kate, you will not respect any opinion if it is not the same as your own. That is clearly evident in your posts. If it weren't, you would not feel the need to be so adversarial in the tone of your posts.

Thankfully in my life I have only run into a few people like you and each time I smile and am thankful that my parents gave me the gift of humility. This has given me the ability to learn from others life experiences, and you are stuck in your narrow minded existence.

If you would like to review the star rating system, please feel free. The site administrator would be glad to assist you with your understanding. You may then shed your ignorance on how the star ratings are earned, vs. how many a member has.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Hey Kate...just an FYI you may find interesting. I spend my days seizing the assets of folks who do not pay their taxes and other government liabilities. You truly do not want to play verbal volley ball with me.

What, PERZACTLY, is your purpose in trying to verbally cut down anyone with a dissenting opinion? You obviously are not trying to garner respect. You posted on a public forum known for offering feedback then balk when you receive said feedback.

This is a rare occasion where we have both sides of the story. If I lived in your area, your behavior alone would ensure I did business with this company.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
I think we're losing focus on the issue at hand which is the gas guy was less than kind because of a declined charge that was subsequently paid by the op. Hmmm, one sentence to express the whole situation. Holy smokes we got 'Atlas Shrugged' word count here over nothing more than some crankiness. Yeah, that makes sense.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Stew, I agree with you 110%. It appears the owner may have been overly blunt. However, given the OP's behavior here, I have to wonder if the owner made a simple overture first, then the OP behaved the way she does here, which in turn forced the owner to overreact.

Sure, in a perfect world, business owners should always be polite, even in the face of the most obtuse customer. However, we all know that is not always possible.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Stew, I agree and I do my best to see the side of the consumer. However Kate doesn't appear to have done anything to make the process any easier and from her conduct here I doubt she was as professional as she believes she was. The war of words here did absolutely nothing to help her case which is what I believe also happened when she was speaking to the business owner. Sometimes less is more and she went overboard.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Yeah, The next time the OnCue lady has a hangover and doesn't serve me some syrup attitude with my morning diet coke I'm gonna post a thesis here on my3cents because you know combating bad chi is what it's all about.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
OMG Stew----you made me damn near spew OJ out my nose.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
ProConsumer, you should think about changing your name to ProIronic.

"I smile and am thankful that my parents gave me the gift of humility."

I'm so glad you're proud of your humility.

Hey Raven,

Actually, I don't find that interesting at all. It sounds boring and mundane. But I know it must bother you to realize I don't find it interesting because it's apparent from your need to tell me your profession that my opinion is important to you. Which explains why you think your opinion is important to me, believe me, it's not reciprocal. My words to you have made you seethe, therefore you have the need to "outdo" me so that you're not embarrassed in front of your friends.

You're right, I don't wish to play any type of volleyball with you at all as I don't wish to be your friend. However, I have no problem engaging you in a battle of written word.

How self centered you are to think just because I've "verbally cut" you down, I wish to do that to "anyone with a dissenting opinion?" I only wish to give back what you've given me here, and give I shall.

I'm not balking at the feedback. Once you and ProIronic presented yourselves as less than credible, your opinions are insignificant. Stew hasn't been disrespectful to me, (unless he's insisting I've created "Dagny" which he doesn't seem to be), but his opinion dissents from mine, but guess what? I can respect it.

Raven, perhaps the reason you're upset that I'm not taking your opinions seriously is that you turn to this site for validation. If your friends and family don't respect you, then perhaps you'll find it here with strangers?

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
hu·mil·i·ty   /hyuˈmɪlɪti or, often, yu-/ Show Spelled[hyoo-mil-i-tee or, often, yoo-] Show IPA
the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank, etc.

Yes, I am humble and glad to be so. It opens the mind to other opinions, thoughts and allows personal growth. But you already knew this. I said it before and you chose to ignore it because it doesn't fit into your personal agenda. Hence the narrow minded existence comment.

"Raven, perhaps the reason you're upset that I'm not taking your opinions seriously is that you turn to this site for validation. If your friends and family don't respect you, then perhaps you'll find it here with strangers?"

Kate, that is what YOU are looking for or you wouldn't keep coming back looking for an argument.

"How self centered you are to think just because I've "verbally cut" you down, I wish to do that to "anyone with a dissenting opinion?" I only wish to give back what you've given me here, and give I shall."

Kate, you didn't verbally cut down Raven or anyone else here. You just flapped your jaws and made yourself look like a fool with zero credibility.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person. I 100% agreed with you at the beginning, even though I did not care for the way you attacked the owner in your review.

You then showed your true colors repeatedly. Why cant you just accept that others dont agree with you?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Because Raven, she would have to show some "humility" and agree to disagree. ;)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-02-20:
Where is liddy, pirate and all the others when you really need them?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
*SNORT* Dammit, Pro! You owe me a new keybaord.

and jkt, I agree!!! liddy and pirate would be great right now
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Hmmmm...I am going to be in Pittsburg for business next week...maybe I will find time to drive on over to Hatfield...
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
I think it's about time Dagny showed up.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
LOL Kate you're so funny. ProIronic... It wasn't clever the first time and it isn't clever now.

I'd like to shake Williams hand. Raven, if you make it to Hatfield, please give him my best. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Thanx, Pro, I certainly will. At this point, the poor guy deserves a medal and a stiff drink or two. I might even share my Wild Turkey.

Based on the info on his webiste, he seems to run a solid, productive and profitable business
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-02-20:
I am beginning to admire Williams restraint and truly understand their situation.
shake his hand for me also.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
You know what is really "ironic"? By posting this complaint and acting like a fool, she's done a great service to Williams Fuel Service by giving them free advertising. Oh! The irony! LOL :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
**buying Raven an extra bottle of Wild Turkey so there is plenty to go around**

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Will do, jkt. And yes, Pro..she did get this guy some great positive and free advertising. I sent him an email via his website saying so!

*Oooooo thanx for the extra bottle!!*
Posted by *Brenda* on 2010-02-20:
Hmmm I think I like Kate.
Posted by D. on 2010-02-20:
*Quickly Exiting*
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
*giggles at DB*
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Wow, some thread.

Following DB out the door...

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