Virgin Records Informative - Courtney Love Sucks!

Review by mjholly on 2004-10-07
I am writing about one of your artists, Courtney Love. She is the most pathetic excuse for a human being, let alone a woman. She struck a youung man from Kentucky on the head with a microphone stand at a New York nightclub and struck a woman who was her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend with a flashlight in Los Angeles. She smashed out her ex-boyfriend's windows and verbally abused flight attendants in London. she also was arrested for illegal possesion of drugs and skipping court and she owes several people money. There is also some possible forensic proof that she murdered her husband Kurt Cobain in 1994. I am furious that you associate with this evil violent woman and I want you to drop her off your label list NOW!!!
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Posted by sanford31031 on 2004-10-07:
Let's hope that you are next on the list of people she knocks out.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2004-10-07:
Yup...straight from the mouth of "Equiring" minds!
Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-10-07:
call them and let them know about your situation, oh and that of Kurt's too.
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-10-08:
Personally, I find Brittany Spears more offensive than Courtney Love, but that's just me.
Posted by mantha on 2004-10-09:
Courtney love is hot. Imagine that a rock star with a rebel history. Ive seen it all now.
Posted by oneufear on 2004-10-09:
Courtney Love is a tanlentless greedy skank like so many pollutants in the music business today. There are no real talented people around anymore. Good ole coporate America has taken care of that. They wouldn't dare "push" anyone who don't bow to their ideas.
Posted by mjholly on 2004-10-11:
Anyone who like Courtney Love is crazy. That woman is a horrible pathetic druggie and a murderer and abuser of innocent human beings. I will refer her to the Seattle police for murdering Kurt Cobain and to the FBI for being a wild monster, not a human being. Britney Spears is a lot better because she is law abiding and not doing drugs and abusing people unlike Courtney Love.
Posted by bill on 2004-10-11:
I think Courtney Love's crazy behavior can be blamed on drugs. What's your excuse mjholly?
Posted by TackleGirl on 2004-10-13:
Hello???? Anyone ever heard of PUBLICITY?
Posted by oneufear on 2004-10-17:
Has anyone heard of a "Poser"?
Posted by mjholly on 2005-11-07:
If I had a teenage daughter or son who I caught listening to Courtney love, I'll have his/her *ss grounded until they turn 18. No one is allowed to smuggle Courtney Love items into my room or listen to Courtney Love around me.

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