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Review by notalwaysright on 2004-10-08
OK. First of all, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the WORLD should have to work retail for at least 6 months during the busiest time of the year (Christmas), and maybe, just maybe, people will get off their f*cking high horses and deal with things. I hold no sympathy for all those people that have the 'Me first, Me now attitude'.
First of all, retail is retail. Most stores cannot control their stock levels. So if something is out, try another item or get a raincheck and be on your pissy way.
Second - Most of the time, the employees really don't enjoy their jobs, and it's because of all you people that think the world stops for all your needs. Well, I've got news for you, IT DOESN'T!!!!
Third - Retail is not easy. If half of the world had worked retail before getting their cushy desk jobs staring at a d*mn computer screen, this world would be a much better place. So the next time you go shopping, don't get angry because the cashier doesn't smile at you. Hs/She would probably much rather be at home not dealing with the ignorance and stupidity that prevails in this country.
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Posted by mantha on 2004-10-09:
God bless you. Ive been in retail 14 years and i have alot of great times but christmas brings out the *&^%$#@ customers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-10-09:
*standing ovation* Bravo! Bravo! *wipes tears from eyes* that was beautiful!
Posted by Ryu on 2004-10-09:
God bless you
Ive been a movie theater concessionist and usher for about a year and in various related jobs for about 4 years, some volunteer, some paid.
It is the worst profession with the worst customers to directly deal with, the unfiltered public. We dont get nearly the respect we deserve and we dont make ANYWHERE CLOSE to what we should make
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-10-10:
Ryu, I could not agree more. I am no longer in customer service (thank god!), but was for 5 years. It was without a doubt the most stressful job that I've ever had. With some of the sh*t that you have to put up with from jerk customers, it should be among the highest paying jobs in the country.
Posted by notalwaysright on 2004-10-11:
Glad everyone liked it! :) I felt much better getting it off my chest...even though not many people will really see it... hmm.. lol!
Posted by lenore9999 on 2004-10-12:
Hear! Hear! Bravo! I have long been saying that it should be a requirement in school to work in retail. Especially during christmas. It's amazing, but you can truly never know just how stupid people really are or can be, until you work in retail. "A person can be smart, but people are stupid."
Posted by qtpi on 2004-10-13:
Uh, there is nothing more stupid than staying in a job you hate. Move on.
Posted by notalwaysright on 2004-10-16:
yeah, Umm....I'm not in retail anymore...bet you feel intelligent now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-10-23:
gtpi, that's easier said than done.
Posted by AZJEM on 2004-10-27:
My favorite was when these knuckleheads would yell at us because of the too high prices or their credit card didn't go through or something was out of stock. Do they really think you would be standing there punching a cash register and growing veins on your legs if you had the clout to change the price, accept their card or order more goodies for these special people. Yep! people are selfish, hateful and rude. From those of us who have been there MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and good luck.
Posted by rich230 on 2004-11-05:
You are taking a pay check from your employer to smile at the customer and say, Yes Sir, I'd be happy to help you. How you treat the customer directly affects his doing bussiness with your employer in the future and your continuing to have a job.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-11-13:
LOL at rich230's post....I love it when customers stumble across sites like this & take offense to it. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
Posted by notalwaysright on 2004-11-13:
In response to rich's post...I never said I wasn't doing my job (smiling greeting being polite). There was a reason I was one of the highest paid employees at my store...after 5 years it just gets old...have you ever worked retail? If you had, you'd understand what I'm talking about
Posted by WorkingGuy on 2004-11-14:
Bravo! I haven't lost my retail "edge" yet (Going on just over a year straight at the same store...w00t) But some days...Thank for making it clear that we, on the otherside of the counter are human beings too, Human beings that go and eat lunch, go out and watch movies, and do other...human things, My job is a large part of my life, But I don't breath and eat it...So if anyone who has yelled, or cursed, or thought that the sales person was lower and dumber than them has actually taken the time to read this far remember, We're human too....And as awful as it sounds...as ghastly and unthinkable as it might be...We as humans...make mistakes! WOW Who'da thought it?!
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-11-14:
AZJEM, how about when they tell you it is cheaper somewhere else & try to get you to sell it to them for that price? Yeah, people are stupid. I'm always especially glad to be out of retail this time a year, so I don't have to deal with all the jolly people (sarcasm) that I used to have to.
Posted by ExShopGirl on 2004-12-31:
Bravo. Working retail is awful, I'm so glad I no longer work in customer service. I'm always a very nice customer though!
Posted by imjustasteph on 2007-04-26:
I worked retail (WalMart- forgive me I was young and didn't know any better) for a year. Including Christmas. Including Black Friday. Including Sunday mornings when we (blue law) weren't allowed to sell a number of items, but there was nothing to stop the customers from picking these items up, or to warn them that they wouldn't be able to pay for them. Now granted some should know, but we live near a college, so some had just arrived, and we also live near a state line, so many were passing through and didn't know we still had an archaic law on the books.

Was I a capital b-word? Yeah, sometimes. Did I wish I was home? Sometimes. Overall, was my performance poor? Hell no.

Did I have some difficult customers? Like the one who had a fit when I put bread on top of her carton of eggs, because she said I'd crush them? Or the ones who asked me if I was in labor when I stepped away from the register? (WM employees are supposed to straighten their aisle if there's a break between customers but when you're 8.5-9 months along sometimes you can't get close enough to see the next customer coming until you get around the end of the register.) Oh yeah.

But. Do I still expect a minimum of courtesy and competence? Yes, I certainly do. I don't need the cashier to be able to list every item in the store and the price of it. I need her to at least pretend she gives a damn. I don't need her to smile, but she needn't scowl either. I don't expect an employee to drop what they're doing and rush over to see if I need help....I don't expect them to go on carrying on a conversation about their girlfriend with another employee for 15 minutes while I stand there obviously needing help, either.

What I'm saying is, yeah, they're usually minimum wage, and I don't expect perfection. And I know even the best have bad days, too. I only expect them to do their job.

And a lot just don't.
Posted by earthjewel on 2008-11-28:
"LOL at rich230's post....I love it when customers stumble across sites like this & take offense to it. The truth hurts, doesn't it?"
Lol, i agree.

I have worked in retail for 5 years now. I always get very anxious around the holidays. I work third shift so i don't have to deal with ignorant customers, but around this time of year, and especially black friday, they are mad people in the store looking for the products for 4 hours before the sale starts. This morning, i was stocking the shelves, TRYING to get MY work done when i was constantly being badgered by customers about doorbuster product placement. After helping many and getting yelled at by my boss because things were not getting done in a timely matter, i told one customer that she knew as well as i did where whatever she was looking for was. After a "Well!" and some huffs and puffs from her, i told her to go look around like everyone else! Boy, did that make me feel good or what?

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