O.P.E.C. Complaint - Oil consumption and prices

Review by Marshel on 2004-10-12
MIDEAST. -- I was recently polled on how oil and gas prices have changed my life ,if any,and explain.
I really wasn't ready for that question when I was asked,but since then i've had time to think.
I am Disabled and live on a fixed income so i can't spend more money than is in my budget.My hobbies are fishing and hunting,my obligations are playing guitar in church and on radio and local gospel telecast,and prices of gas have changed my life more than i thought.I continue to play gospel music and do all my christian obligations including funerals and fund raisers as always.but I didn't get to go fishing but a couple times this year because of gas & oil,i have went bow hunting only once so far.really i'm not spending more money on gas because I just don't drive as much,inturn i dont buy hunting clothes as usual or any hunting equipment because I'm not going to go much I'll just use the old clothing and old equipment I already have.
I need a new scope for my rifle but why up date it if I'm not going to be using it much,I'll save $200-$500 dollars there and I broke my sights off my cross bow so I won't replace them either, another $100 dollars,usually I have about $300 dollars to use during the season that i don't have or need this year.My 4-wheel truck needs tires,thats at least $500 dollars,because i'll make due since i wont be off road.My family always spends a lot of money on hunting and fishing clothing and equipment,sometimes even a new gun,$500 dollars plus all the camo clothing and equipment so you see,the high gas prices isn't hurting me as bad as its hurting the merchants my family and I normally visit.i spend less on taxes,all the stores make less,i've learned to read the bible and play on this computer and watch tv,just a cheeper way of living and different hobbies.You know my ATV that i used,because i can't walk enough, needs updating but it will last too,thats aprox $6500 i wont go in debt for.
I cant blame the President because i remember when O.P.E.C.was formed, because I worked in the oil field back then and lost my job because the companies moved to Saudi Arabia and O.P.E.C.sets the price of oil and how much it will sell.O.P.E.C.can cause gas to go up or down to what ever it want's.Don't blame President Bush for the gas prices,he has no controal over O.P.E.C.,he wasn't even in Politics back then.
Most Americans don't know it but the American oil field worker and industry in America is a lost industry.If America was to open up the oil field reserves in the USA,who wpold work them.were all to old and there isn't any demand for roughnecks anymore so I have no ideas about oil in America,the liberals and,whining enviromentalists has so much power now days that even President Bush cant get permission from these groups to drill because of there political power they have.so we can blame these groups for the high prices of gas and oil.If we cant open up and drill and produce our own oil reserve,which we cant,blame the liberal enviromentalists for our prices of oil and gas.
We have no other choice but to deal with O.P.E.C. and pay whatever they want for a barrel of oil,also there barrel isn't 55 gallons like ours but 36 gallons,did you know that.
Well i got that off my chest now i hope you all will start fighting to open the reserves on goverment land,it doesn't hurt the animals or the enviroment,it makes jobs and cheeper oil prices,or we can just let the Mideast Countries run our lives.
Marshall Miller,LaFollette Tennessee.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-10-13:
Opening the reserves may only be a temporary fix. What a lot of people don't realize is that China (the worlds largest population) has opened their trade doors. The problem is that previous years the average Chinese family did not own an automobile, their transportation was mainly by bicycle. Automakers are foaming at the mouth because of this new and HUGE market of over a billion new buyers that will tax oil reserves to their limits. Alternative fuels must be perfected quickly otherwise in the coming years the world will be bankrupt (their is hope in some new technology manufacturers are currently working on). $1.50 gas prices I believe will no longer exist and the coming year it will be tough to keep them below $3.00. Sorry about the doom and gloom comment, Maybe it's time to get rid of the Suv's, I have already. Good Luck.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-10-13:
Definately not. Good post Spliffer!
Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-10-14:
I'd be happy if gas prices would drop below $1.90 gallon, if I ever see $1.50/gal again I might pass out from shock!
Posted by Truth on 2004-10-14:
Where are all the people who normally protest high gas prices?
We are at the all time high gas prices and it's still quiet!
I think O.P.E.C. is to blame, but I think the refineries in the U.S. are to blame also because they are slowing production down causing high
Gas prices.
I have heard on the net, that if a large amount of Americans did not buy gas on a certain day each week , stock prices would take a hit and
might not recover to the same levels.

How about Fridays ?
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-10-20:
Car pool, there are fishing and hunting clubs – y’all can car pool, or fewer trips. Also fewer trips for running errands, groceries and etc, if you consolidate your travels and how often you will save. Try to buy in bulk from Sam’s wholesale or others, such as farmers markets.

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