Woodbrooke Estates Condominium Section 1 Informative - Board of Managers

Review by BornFree on 2004-10-13
STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- We have been reading a lot of negative remarks. How about something positive.

There are seven(7) sections in Woodbrooke. Two sections are HOAs, five are condominiums. Section 1 has the lowest common charges of any section HOAs included.

For the past seven years Section 1 has not increased its common charges. With commons where they are the section managed to retile 96 roofs. When the sections insurance went up 300% the section managed to pay part of the new insurance fees and then swited to another company and get the old rate. This put the insrance at twice it was in prior years. Yet the section met the commitment.

The common charges up till October of 2004 were:

The lowest rate going to the smallest unit. The HOAs were getting $105 and $115. The HOAs do not have to maintain any of the outside of the home; if painting is needed the owner pays for painting, the same holds true for roofs, steps etc. The Woobrooe HOA just raised its charges by fifteen dollars. Section 1 absorbed the raise for two months.

The new rates are:
The fifteen dollers goes to the HOA that controls the pool, meadow, tennis courts, handball courts, basketball courts, the clubhouse and the clubhouse parking lot.

Of the five condominiums in the group Section 1, 2A and 3 cover steps, handrails and sidewalks. One of the five will give you a new mailbox for $6 but will not cover handrails and steps.

Perhaps those that are complaining should move to section 2B. They raised their dues, they lowered their dues (still higher than Section 1) they raised their dues and now they assessed each home #1,000. for a sewer problem.

Or perhaps Section 2A. They raised their dues. They have a management agent. Last we heard they had $40,000 in past due common charges. Their trasurer "We should have raised our commons. We would be getting a better class of people"

The last Section 1 annual meeting I attended, not more than eight years ago, one household showed up.

There has been a lot of unsigned mail circulated about the Board. There has been some signed mail circulated. If the complaints had any validity I would imagine theses persons would stop spitting out their garbage. They would have gotten more support than the, maybe, half dozen replies.

Two disgruntled homeowners have left. , No one is forcing anyone to stay.
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Posted by Truth on 2004-10-14:
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Posted by W. on 2004-10-19:
Obviously, "BornFree" is either a member of the corrupt and illegal Woodbrooke Estates Condominium Section 1 Board of Managers, or an apologist for this crooked board. You talk about "unsigned letters", but I don't see you leaving your real name, you hypocrite! It is an UNDENIABLE FACT that the Woodbrooke Estates Condominium Section 1 Board of Managers refuses to comply with New York State Law in addition to it's own By-Laws! The amount of Section 1's common charges, and what a "bargain" you think they are, has nothing whatsoever to do with this fact!
Posted by W. on 2004-10-25:
The author of this convoluted nonsense is Anita Chalfen, the self-appointed "Treasurer" of the Woodbrooke Estates Condominium Section 1 Board of Managers. She lives at 290 Grafe Street in Staten Island, NY 10309 and her telephone number is (718)967-2311. Anita is a crooked weasel, and she and her buddies on the board have run Section 1 into the ground. She continues to willfully violate both New York State Law, and Section 1's By-Laws, by refusing to hold elections for seats on the board, refusing to hold annual homeowner's meetings, and refusing to allow a public examination of Section 1's financial books and records. How can you believe the garbage which comes out of the mouth of this liar and thief? Hopefully, some board members will sprout a pair of testicles before it is too late, and force this serpent to resign.

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