Hawk Communications Informative - Treat customers horribly and hide behind email

Review by RBH on 2004-10-14
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Hawk Communications has unfairly terminated their agreement with me and stolen $49 in the process.

The first hint that anything was wrong is the following email message:
From: "Credit"
To: RobbedByHawkCommunications@hotmail.com
Subject: Account Closed
Date: Sat, 23 Feb

Your acount had been terminated since you breached the terms service agreement.

When I saw that this was a generic message (with spelling errors) from a site called ibilling.org, I ignored it as it appeared to be just another attempt on the part of marketers to get me to respond to them. When I was unable to log on Sunday to my ISP, I still hadn't linked the two together. I was still unable to connect Monday morning, so called and per the recording, waited till they opened for business to place a call. After waiting for 45 minutes listening to the "We are sorry, but are experiencing a higher than normal call volume" message for the bazillionth time, decided to take their offer to leave a message so someone could get back to me as soon as possible. Even though the message said to leave an email address, I also left my phone number and asked that someone call me as I would like to speak to a person.

I began to suspect that the above ibilling message might be related so went to www.ibilling.org and found, that Hawk Communications is one of the three customers listed in ibilling's thriving business write up.

I called Hawk Communications from work and tried the tech support line and finally got through. I was told that my account had been terminated. The tech support person didn't know why the account was terminated, but was very sure that I had to send an email message. I called back and spoke to another tech support person on the off chance that another might be more helpful. I asked if there were someone I could speak to and was told that an email was the only way. Hawk Communications has been very thorough in teaching their people to directing customers down the "email us and we'll get back to you when we decided to" route.

I then wrote the following email and sent it to all the email addresses that I could find for ibilling and Hawk Communications.
My account has been canceled by billing and I'm unable to get anyone to tell me why. The response has been consistent. I have to send an email to you.

I can not find anything in your contract which I have violated and would like to know if you intend to refund any of my money as I paid a year in advance and you are terminating service after 6 months.

Attached is the contract in affect when I signed up


I then waited a week and finally received the following reply:

From: "Billing7"
To: RobbedByHawkCommunications@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Closed Account and refund
Date: Thu 28 Feb

Your account balance is $0.00. your account is active.

I thought cool, maybe it was a glitch and they've fixed it. Needless to say, I was still unable to log onto my ISP account. I called Hawk Communications tech support line and was told the account had been terminated and I would (you guessed it) have to send an email message.

I sent the following:

My account is still disabled, and even though I called
today, I still get the "lack of customer service"
answer stating that I must send you an email.

Its been a week. You terminated me, so I was forced
to get an account from a competitor.

I would really like a refund. If you force me to
the duration of the contract, the least you could
do is credit the days you have denied service. At
this time, that is one week. I suspect it will
take another week for this one to filter through
the system.

I'm aware your contract allows you to terminate service
and not refund any prepaid amounts, but I feel wronged
and have done the same to friends, family and
co-workers in encouraging them to sign up with you.
Your responsive tech support has always been a key
part of my recommendation. Little did I know the
wall you've placed between customers and resolution
of account problems! As a matter of fact, I recommended
you last Sunday and on Monday had to recant that

They sent the following in reply:

From: "IBilling"
To: RobbedByHawkCommunications@hotmail.com
Subject: RE:
Date: Fri, 1 Mar

You have bridged the Term of Service by circumventing the 10 minute
time and 5 hour maximum sessions.
Your average on line time per day was over 16 hours.
Your account has been terminated, because you bridged the terms service

My wife and I used the account to play Asheron's Call and email/web browsing. I would play in the morning before heading to work and as she is a housewife with plenty of time would use it while I was at work and I would play several hours after I got home. Only Hawk Communications knows how that might have violated the 10 minute Idle time.

Idle Timeout (this is from the contract)
User agrees to have their online session automatically terminated after ten (10) minutes of consecutive inactivity. Inactivity is defined as less than 500 bytes of data transferred between User's modem and

If they weren't hiding behind the email wall maybe someone there could tell me? I signed up for an unlimited account. The only limit in the amount of time you could be signed on is the following from their contract:

User also agrees to not remain connected to Hawk Communication's system for periods exceeding (8) eight hours, in any single continuous session. User authorizes Hawk Communications to enforce these restrictions by appropriate software and network measures, automated and manual.

As Hawk communications terminates your session after 4 hours, I could never violate that part of the contract.

It is my highest recommendation that you avoid this company. I do not feel I ever violated their contract and while they do have this clause:

Hawk Communications reserves the right to cancel Service for any reason without prior notice. Pre-paid service is non-refundable. Hawk Communications will not refund any shipping, setup, sign up, or handling fees. Cancellations after the first of the month will be charged for that month.

Plus they threaten you with the $200 fee if they feel you violate the contract. This threat probably works so avoid these thieves and not be ripped off by them.

I never dreamed they would use it to steal money from their customers. If they didn't want to allow unlimited use, they could have notified me. Because I haven't violated their contract, they should refund the money I paid for the remaining six months. Regardless avoid doing business with a company

If you still aren't conviced, go to
www.hawkcommunications.com and try to reach a human person. They won't even let you get to customer support if you haven't paid for an account.

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