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Review by jww1 on 2010-03-01
HARRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I dropped my truck off to get it inspected. I was told it would need upper & lower ball joints on both sides, left & right outer tie rods and a couple of holes patched on the rocker panel. I told him I would do the body work, how much for the rest of the work? He said $623 with inspection. I said "fine, go ahead and do the work". He said he would go ahead and put the sticker on if I'd take care of the body work the next day. I said I would. Later that day I had my wife call to see if the truck was done. He told her that it would be ready in half hour but he wasn't going to put the sticker on it till I did the body work. When I picked the truck up he gave me the bill for 623 and I paid him. Over the weekend I fixed the holes and took the truck back to get the sticker on I already paid for. He told me I should have an alignment done so I took it to another garage that did alignments. They told me they couldn't do the alignment because I had a bad wheel bearing. I said that can't be, I just left the inspection station. They told me it would be another $400. I'm not a mechanic, although I do some of my own work, but I'm pretty sure wheel bearing are part of the inspection! I'm so pissed I don't want to talk to him. My wife did call him. He told her that he told me it needed replaced but I told him not to worry about it, which I did not. If that was the case, why did he put the sticker on....
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Posted by redmx3racer on 2010-03-02:
Each state has a list of items that are part of the inspection process.

In my state, wheel bearings and alignments are not part of the safety inspection.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-03-02:
personally... i had a car fail inspection too.

all the rejected sticker means is that you can't drive the car except to go home (i think) or to drive it to a repair store.

well the place that inspected my car had p*ssed me off (long story) so i took the car, drove it to another repair shop and got the repairs done... and for a little over HALF of what the first shop was going to charge me.

Sometimes it's ok to shop around for repairs, even with an inspection-rejected car.

(plus the second shop let me store the car there for a couple of days since my ship was heading out for a day or so)
Posted by momsey on 2010-03-02:
In my state (NJ,) you have a month to get the car re-inspected if it fails. You can continue to drive it.

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