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Review by Connoisseur on 2010-03-01
I got my laptop in 2008. Within six months the E:drive disappeared. That is not HP fault. What IS their fault is that the foreign "customer service" should have known that Microsoft's Update REMOVES the E:Drive. I went through the two year warranty/customer service hell with HP because their own techs did not know that there was a deliberate act of sabotage via program by Microsoft....the update removes a registry key...which I found out from on line, by other people who had the exact problem.

First I went through the foreigners who had me on hold for ever and then sent me around in circles spending hours with them with their generic trouble shooting doing the same thing over and over. Finally they took the machine back to reinstall the factory programs that contained the E:Drive for the CD/DVD. That worked for about two months and again the E/Drive disappeared.

HP sent me cd/DVD hardware to replace what they considered to be the possible cause for the DC/DVD not working. That did nothing. This went on until I ran out of the warranty. HP spent so much of my time and their man power time, plus their money on people that are completely useless, that it is a wonder that this company is not in the red and have not gone under. The customer service is completely NOT cost justifiable. They are just a useless black hole.

All they had to do was go on line and put in "DC/DVD drive won't work" and find the same info I found. No, there was no error code to work with because the CD/DVD slot won't open because the drive is not there.

I believe that Microsoft and HP does this deliberately to the PC so that YOU the customer pay them to find the bug and fix it.

I have removed the key that Microsoft altered. Just like the on-line techies stated there was a key "upper" and "lower"...that cancelled out the drive. I removed the lower key as instructed. That did nothing and the online(free info!!!!) the techies will tell you that in some cases this works and in some cases it doesn't. If it doesn't you have to go into DOS. Even for this they have instructions which is intense and I have not had the time to get into.

POINT BEING: 1) Either HP techies are very stupid and are getting paid for doing nothing;

OR: 2) HP and MICROSOFT deliberately sabotage your PC in hopes of MILKING YOU.

#2 scenario is my best bet for the simple reason, THAT is why they push the extended warranty........that you can BUY!!! It is in EXPECTATION of a pending meltdown....they know that within a few months there WILL be a meltdown.

I have a 1940 radio works perfectly. 1950 television not wired with a box but with the old antenna it worked perfectly why is that??? Because in those days businesses took pride in their workmanship and were NOT PREDATORS trying to milk the continuous replacements of the product or "servicing" the product.

Today no products last beyond two three years because they are designed to fail, deliberately. The fact that these products pollute the earth is of no concern to corporations who want the consumer to buy a new hardware within three years. BUY, BUY, BUY, so that some human garbage aka CEO can pull down billions in salary at the expense of:

1) Exploited foreign workers who are by and large useless

2) At the expense of polluting the earth with garbage product that literally becomes just that, garbage landfill within a few short years.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-02:
I have seen this problem on a desktop PC that wasn't an HP, so the issue is not limited to them. I don't totally remember my research, but I think it was kind of a problem between MS and the brand of optical drive. It was pretty easy to fix, granted annoying to have to do so.

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