Kfc@Ross on Wye England Complaint - Cleanliness - carpark and surrounding areas

Review by rossita on 2010-03-02
ROSS ON WYE. ENGLAND -- The car park at kfc at Ross on Wye, England is along side the busy A40 main road going into Wales. The car park is shared by a very nice retail out let called Labels. This company try their hardest to keep the area clean but today and most weekends the area is littered with the remains of kfc takeaways. Today I went into the kfc store and told them how disgusting the area was and asked them to clean the place up. The three young men on duty, who were just stood around talking, looked at me as though I was some mad old woman.

As this is a very beautiful area of England to which we have many tourists so this does not create a good impression. I think kfc should have a policy of keeping their surrounding areas clean.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-03-02:
I think that you should be after the patrons of kfc. When you see one of them litter, holler at them, but be prepared to pay the consequence. I am sure the location cleans it's property from time to time, but can't put a full time cleaner in the parking lot.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-02:
I agree that the outside of a business is just as important as the inside, and I believe the business itself, not its customers, are responsible to monitor the area and keep it clean. I don't think the OP is getting paid to monitor the KFC parking lot for litter. It's not her job.

If KFC shares the lot with Labels, then she could discuss the problem with the Labels manager and let him/her work it out with KFC.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-02:
"I think kfc should have a policy of keeping their surrounding areas clean."

You don't know, for sure, they don't. People litter all the time.
Like my place of employment. We leave for the night, come back the next morning and there's trash all over the parking lot from either various things that have been blowing around all night or people just leaving their trash in our parking lot. So, we clean up the lot first thing in the morning and it looks great. But, that doesn't stop people from, once again, using our lot as their garbage can... or things blowing about the city.

"The car park is shared by a very nice retail out let called Labels."

They share their lot with someone, therefore, they share the responsibility of keeping it clean.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-03-02:
When I worked for White Castle, just out of high school, all three shifts shared the responsibility of keeping the lot clean. When I was a mystery shopper for Frisch's Big Boys in Indianapolis. The cleanliness of the lot was always the first observation in the report. Businesses in Coolidge, AZ posted signs and the police monitored the main drag for cruisers, because bussiness people got tired of coming in in the morning to a lot covered with trash and beer cans. Keeping the area clean is the job of both the business and the clientele.
Posted by hsfgcat on 2010-09-02:
I signed up to this website purely to post a comment here. I actually work part-time for KFC Ross on Wye, and would like to clarify that we do not share the car park with Ross Labels; Labels own it completely. It is therefore Labels' responsibility to keep it clean, although they conveniently leave that duty to us. We are in fact only a small franchise of approximately 15 employees, yet we are constantly short-staffed and management really do struggle to employ more people. I would say that, on an average day, we clean the carpark no less than three times. If the state of the car park is so much of an issue for you, I suggest you speak to those customers who complain that service is too slow, or the queue is too long, and argue amongst yourselves as to what should be the priority. Furthermore, why not ask them why they insist on dropping their litter, when there are ten rubbish bins on site.

Interesting that you state the three young men were just 'stood around talking'; I can assure you that we are completely over-worked and under-paid, and that working there is NOT an easy task. They perhaps would not have looked as you as if you were a 'mad old woman' had you been slightly more civil about the situation.

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