Sugarcraft.com Complaint - Customer Service NON-EXISTENT!

Review by evhertel on 2010-03-02
I ordered a cake pan for my daughter's birthday from sugarcraft.com. I think the website has been updated since some of the earlier reviews because, although not the best website I have used, it certainly wasn't the worst site to navigate. Anyway, I was happy to order this hard-to-find pan and placed my order about two weeks ago. I was just beginning to wonder where it was when I just happened to notice a REFUND from sugarcraft. I have not received an email or a phone call saying my item wasn't available so I called the company. It took four phone calls before I was actually able to talk to a person. At first the woman was pleasant. She informed me that the product I ordered wasn't available from them or the manufacturer. When I told her that it was still showing as available on the website (nearly two weeks after I ordered it and it was unavailable) she said, "Oh yeah, we're trying to get that updated." She suggested that I order a different pan off of the website. I told her that, due to the amount of time it had taken the company to inform me that the product was unavailable, I was in a bit of a time pinch. I was afraid that I wouldn't be guaranteed a product without expedited shipping, which I didn't think I should have to pay for since I had placed my original order in plenty of time to receive it. I was told that the company paying for expedited shipping wasn't an option. When I asked for a customer service representative to work with, I was told that communication could only happen through email and it would "take twice as long". Finally, in frustration, I said I guessed I would just have to purchase it from someone else. Her response (NO LIE), was, "I would appreciate it if you would do that." Click. Apparently I was too bothersome to deal with.

I would warn anyone who was thinking of placing an order with this company not to expect any kind of support or customer service after you have placed your order. They do CLAIM to have items that many others don't, but since they seem to have such a difficult time updating their website, I don't know how a consumer could ever be sure that their desired item was even available.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-02:
Well, at least you got a refund... most people don't get even that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-02:
Wow... it's amazing how little foresight companies can sometimes have.

I actually just wrote a review about the same scenario I had with Sears and a tv. They resolved it, and sent a new one with completely free shipping. So I'm kind of laughing to myself, (not at you, but at Sugarcraft), that to keep my business, Sears shipped a large tv for free and they couldn't be bothered to ship you a cake pan for free.

Usually, the complaints I read on here have some holes and aren't quite believable, therefore they don't really affect my view of the company. But I believe your story, and I most likely won't shop their site as a result.

Thanks for sharing.
Posted by evhertel on 2010-03-03:
The funny thing is, I didn't even want FREE shipping. I just didn't want to have to pay EXTRA for faster shipping. Oh well. I've already purchased from somewhere else. Their loss, as I make cakes for everyone I know. Thanks for the encouraging comments, KateB!
Posted by Tina on 2012-11-15:
TOTALLY AND 100% AGREE!! this place is HORRIBLE and the OWNER is STRAIGHT UP FREAKING RUDE!! sorry, this just happened to me that's why i'm typing in caps!

i'm just gonna copy and past what i wrote on urban spoon here.
Sugarcraft really has the WORST customer service. I just had a TERRIBLE customer service experience with the store owner herself. She is SO RUDE and unwilling to help. She does not care about a business customer's concern for shipment delay at all. I even told her that you are terrible at giving customer service, ESPECIALLY as the store owner. Her direct reply was: "it's not terrible customer service, I just did not give you the answer that you were looking for". All I wanted to do is to see how much longer the delay will there be (after a huge delay already), and to see if I should continue to work with the staff to resolve the problem or cancel the order all together.
What happen was I placed an order with a international credit card. My card was charged and USPS sent me a notification that my order has shipped. I looked at the shipping address and realized that they used the billing address and not the shipping address.
I called right away, and the woman told me with an international credit card they can't send it to any where other than the billing address. I said okay since it is already sent.
Next day, I get an email saying that my order didn't get to USPS and if I want to change the shipping address I still can. I need to provide proof of the new address. I replied said, if it is too complicated no need to change, but just be sure to include the floor number that's on the billing address, because they forgot (it was not on USPS).
Then it got super complicated from there for no reason.
Long story short, I sent the document that they needed (and I confirmed over and over again on the phone with a lady called Malinda to make sure the document I will be sending is fine and will resolve the delay), another person emails and says it's not okay. When I called back again to try to figure out what's wrong, the store owner picked up and didn't want me to talk to Malinda and was SUPER impatient and SO FREAKING RUDE.
Even though their prices are lower than Global Sugar Art and other places. Their customer services SUCKS!!!!! I am definitely taking my money else where!

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