Chattanooga TN Microtel Hamilton Place Complaint - Owner doesn't care if you have a terrible stay!

Review by NoMoreChattanoogaMicrotel on 2010-03-02
CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Seems like every time we stay here at the Chattanooga, TN Microtel near Hamilton Place Mall something goes wrong. This was the last time we will stay here. We checked in here for one night on 2nd floor in a non-smoking room. Seemed like it was OK. At 4:00 A.M. I was awakened by a strong smell of old stale cigarette smoke. I tried going back to sleep but it got worse. Being a mechanical engineer and knowing ductwork and exhaust systems I sensed they had cut corners and turned off the central exhaust system at night to save energy. It was 30 degrees outside and cold air falls and heat rises so they apparently don't understand when the exhaust fan is off, heavy cold outside air will eventually go down the rooftop ductwork connection and push odors back into the building rooms. Seeing as how I couldn't sleep I thought I'd turn the bathroom exhaust fan on only to discover my wife had kept the door closed during the night. When I opened the door the odors totally knocked me down...unbelieveable! I dressed and went down to the front desk and demanded someone come smell the odors, which the front desk girl did and confirmed the odors. I closed the door and it took until 7:00 A.M. until the odors were reduced so we could shower. One of the "clean" shower towels was so stained I took it to the front desk and they exchanged it. The night staff said they'd call the franchise owner and ask her to come in about 7 A.M. The 7 A.M. shift change staff said the owner had been contacted and would not be coming in but had offered to discount the room a whole $9.00. Big deal. I asked for a complete refund and staff said they couldn't do anymore than that or get fired. I also noticed numerous ceilings that had water stains from plumbing leaks on the floors above like in my bathroom. Knowing fire codes quite well I decided to tour all hallways and inspect the building to see if they were compliant. You guessed it...they had numerous firewall problems in the fire exit stairwells that would allow smoke to enter the stairwell during a fire as well as fire extinguisher cabinet problems. After photographing these code problems I also took a picture of black mold growing on the 1st floor hallway ceiling by Room 151 ceiling tile. So you decide...does this meet your expectations in a safe hotel with a non-responsive franchise owner. If the owner had just apologized, refunded my room charge, begged me to try it again next time I would have accepted the offer but I was treated like crap! Unless there is a major change you will be treated the same....Also read the TripAdvisor.com reviews.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-03-02
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-03-02:
did you have it tested and it was proven to be 'black mold'??
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-02:
Sounds like a good place to avoid. Money talks, take your business elsewhere.

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