Curtiss Ryan Honda Complaint - There is no customer orientation at this dealer

Review by Lantrd on 2010-03-03
SHELTON, CONNECTICUT -- I have Civic Hybrid 2008. At around 15K miles, I observed the car had a little vibration and noisy. Also, I started to noticed the tires had uneven wear.

I mentioned about this a couple times (every time I had oil changed) to the Curtiss Ryan Honda dealer, where I bought the car from. They always said that they could not find anything wrong with the car, even after performing road test.

When the car had 34K miles on it, the noise and vibration were so noticeable, plus the wears all on 04 tires. I brought the car to them again. It was around Dec. 2009. I insisted to have them to do another road test with me on the car. They gave the notice that 04 tires were bad that caused the noise and vibration. They advised me to replace 04 tires, plus doing a wheels alignment. I asked why the tires were out of alignment, they gave a very "general explanation" = "road's condition is bad; bad driving behavior; you hit something"....I just could not buy their explanation because I always took care of my car, but I followed their advice to wait a couple thousand miles until the tires become completely worn out, then they would do the fix.

Later, on Feb 2010, I found the service bulletin, in which I found every symptoms was exactly what I had experienced on my car. I printed out the bulletin, brought it and the car to the dealer again. The car had 37K miles.

I left the car for them for checking and headed to work. Later, they called me at my cellphone, advised that the upper control arm would need to be replaced. They wanted to charge me for $370 for the part and the alignment, as they said my car was out of warranty. I disagree with them and started to call Honda Customer Service.

Surprisingly, at the end of the day, when I came to the dealer to pick up my car, they told me that the service bulletin was not applied to my car's issue and the part was OK!

The Honda Customer Service Manager call me 02 day later. First he told me that he contacted the dealer, and said the same thing. but then, suddenly he said he just noticed that the VIN in the TSB included my car's VIN number and he said my case would be covered. He offered Honda pay for replacing the part, the alignment and plus 02 tire's cost. He said he needed to talk with the dealer again and would me a call later.

02 days later, he called me back. He said he could not give me his previous offer because the dealer said the part would not need to be replaced, and that he could do nothing about it. He advised me to seek for a second opinion from another Honda's dealer.

I took my car to another dealer (Executive Honda) to have them look at the rear upper control arm. Guess what? the Executive Honda's technician examined the car, confirmed that the upper control arm needed to be replaced!

I called the Honda office again to update this new information. Finally, after a week, I had a chance to talk with the manager for my case. He kept his initial offer: Honda would pay for the part, the alignment work and 02 tires.

I truly think that the Curtiss Ryan Honda dealer does not care about its customers but care too much for their own benefits. The dealer should know about the TSB and should check it on my car (after too many times I mentioned about the symptoms with them). Their attitude would drive the customers away from Honda, not just from their place itself.

I would not recommend this dealer.
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Posted by momsey on 2010-03-03:
Fairly good review, although a little hard to read. Just curious why you type "02" and "04" instead of "2" or "4?"
Posted by Pepper on 2010-03-03:
o that is odd. i figured the op meant "02" as in "2002" etc...

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