Southside Community Hospital Farmville, Virgina Informative - Billing practices and others.

Review by Loretta Jamison/author on 2004-10-18
FARMVILLE,VIRGIANIA -- I have been a patient at this hospital for several years. My major complaint is against the billing department specifically Fran Barksdale and Julie Simon. I am however no alone as these people do not know what they are doing. Yes I admit I had a lot of bills and yes they were due to cancer. Yes we were trying to pay as best as we could but that is not satisfactory to them. I also had an accidnent that was put on workman's compensation antd that takes awhile. In the meantime after what Anthiem paid them their portion we had a dedcuctible and I am not arguing that it is that everytime we paid we got s from the aforementioned people. Then they turned the account over to an out of state collections agencies that lied and said they were Southside Community Hospital when questioned further they said they were billing for the hospital Then I got paid and I sat down and we wrote a check to cover what they said we owed. It went for two years and suddenly we are getting calls again from collection agency wanting us to pay them. I told them according to my tax attorney I had to pay the hospital direct or I could not take amount off on taxes. They bill you three times for the same service One service was questionable as it was billed wrong. I have a PPO the specialist that I went to did not get his permission for one proceedure and that created problems which showed up in a bill. Anthiem says one thing they say another. Several rounds and it was still the same thing. The jest was when I got the last bill they had me owing a disputed amount. They combined the accounts into one so now we have no way of knowing how much was paid and when. Except for the checks and money orders and they continue to harrass. I might add that the surgery I had got infected and later I found the surgeon had left a five inch suture in me with the needle attached. Do you think I got compensated for that no and I am still having to pay on a disputed bill that Anthiem says I DO NOT OWE. Thanks for listening at least but beware of this hospital's business office no one likes their practices and I hope whoever takes them over will straighten out this hospital. It is bad for a person with heart condition,recurring cancer etc to have to deal with this crap. They are not going to respond because no matter how many times I tried to get them to put something in writing they would not they only wanted to talk on the phone. That does not cut it writing please so it will hold up when I present to an attorney

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