Purex Laundry Compliment - Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets

Review by D. on 2010-03-10
I finally decided to try the Purex Complete 3-In-1 Laundry sheets. I hesitated for months, thinking it can't possibly do all that it says it does. But, since I found a 'buy one get one free' coupon, I thought 'what the heck'.

I purchased the starter kit, which is the refillable container and 20 sheets and a refill package of 24 sheets. They both cost the same, but again it was buy one and get one free..so, for five bucks I got enough for 44 loads of spring Oasis scented clothes.

I used it for the first time on Monday and was pleasantly surprised with the final results.

You simply drop one laundry sheet in with the wash, the detergent is released during the wash cycle. Once the wash is completed, you transfer the laundry sheet with clothes to the dryer. The stripe is heat activated by the dryer to soften and remove static. It’s that simple.

The clothes were as clean as a liquid detergent would get them, as fresh as any softener would get them and without any wrinkling or static. And they have a light scent, not overpowering like many dryer sheets.

This is a great space saver too, for those who live in an apartment, because you don't have that large ugly bottle of laundry detergent taking up all that space in the bottom of your kitchen/bathroom sink, with the bottle of fabric softener and boxes of dryer sheets. I just throw the convenient 3-In-1 dispenser in my linen closet and that's it.

I seriously don't see myself going back to the liquid laundry detergents!
This product has the "Approved And Recommended By The Basher" stamp on it!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
Haven't tried those yet, but I am planning on it. I do like the Bounce bar though. Good review.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-03-10:
So you basically use this instead of detergent AND softener, or just detergent?
Posted by D. on 2010-03-10:
You use just one sheet instead of detergent, softener and dryer sheets.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-03-10:
Sounds neat, I may just have to try it then.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
I'll let the person that does my laundry know about these....

I wonder if they are tough enough for a load of Ejacks clothes?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
I signed up to receive a free sample from them, but haven't gotten it yet. I think this is great also for people who might do a load of laundry on vacation (like me). You don't have to buy the overpriced little boxes at the laundry room, and you don't have to worry about spillage in your luggage.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
Does it get stains out? I do my nephew's laundry and sometimes I have to wash their clothes twice. The two year old's clothes are usually caked with dirt, food, etc.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-03-10:
Good information. I'm one who doesn't put fabric softener in at all with bed linens. Everything else, yes. Instructions on the label? The reason I'm asking is I would expect an extra large load would require several sheets.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
Excellent review Basher!
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-03-10:
My wife picked these up and I didn't get jazzed on the concept. Honestly, I didn't see a problem with the batch we used but there is an old saying, those that try to be good many things are never very good at anything.
The issues I have with this all-inclusive type product is:
You can't pre-treat or adjust detergent to soil levels
You have to dry the entire load at once or some items don't get softened. Permanent press we always do in a few dryer loads to keep wrinkles out.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-03-10:
Good review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
(VH) It would be nice if the OP would state the price of this product as well.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
I might have to try those this week. Thanks, DB!
Posted by D. on 2010-03-10:
ZZ..I said it was $5.00, buy one and get one free, so I got the starter and the refill for the price of one,44 loads at $5.00. READ!!!!

Good idea MissMarple, taking it on vacation will also keep your luggage smellin' fresh!

YaYa, It seems to clean as well as the liquid. As for stains, I have OCD when it comes to stains on clothes, so my clothes doesn't usually get to the point of no return. I've used 'Spray And Wash' types of sprays on my Dad's clothes whenever needed, so you can still do that to make sure stains come out, but there were no stains on anything I washed when I used the sheets. I know kids are tougher with stains, maybe someone with little ones can try it out and let us know.

Here are two questions the answered on their website that might help:

Does adding a second sheet add to the cleaning power? If so, when is a second sheet needed?

Adding an extra sheet does increase the cleaning power but this is not needed unless you have an extra large load or a load that is extremely dirty.

Is it okay to cut the sheets in half to use?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Depending on load size, it may impact product performance. We recommend doing full loads because it saves energy and time.

Does one sheet equal one cup of traditional laundry detergent?

One Purex® Complete 3-in-1™ Sheet laundry sheet equals one standard dosage and contains enough laundry detergent for a full load of laundry. The formula is 10X concentrated and provides maximum cleaning power.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
Thanks to the OP for stating the price. I may give this a try.
I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful about what I use.

Tide is brutal to me!
Posted by MissMae on 2010-03-10:
Oooo I'm glad someone posted a review on these...every time I see the commercial I wonder if they really work as great as the perky lady says they do. I'll have to get some for my upcoming vaca to Maui next month..thanks for posting, DB!
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-03-10:
I saw these on sale in the store, and actually picked it up thinking I might try it. However, the scent that they had stunk (it was not Spring Oasis).
I just signed up to get a free sample too (Thanks for the heads up on that MissMarple). I hope they work with the HE washers.
ZZ is so funny... posting comments like he doesn't know who the OP is!
Great review DB!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
TRP, I agree. This was an outstanding review for a such newer member here and it even went green!
Kudos to the OP!!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-03-10:
quit kissing up zz lol!
Posted by WOWreally! on 2010-03-10:
Thanks man good to know ill recomend them as well then.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
Just rolling out the red carpet for our newest member, JKT.
I must ask what kind of name is that (debtbasher) for someones "housekeeper" and what is he/she doing on their client's computer?

Posted by WOWreally! on 2010-03-10:
Hey man DEBTs the ish, they welcome in my house and on my PC anyday so long is my PC is forest fresh when they leave you feel me.
Posted by D. on 2010-03-10:
Mr. ZZ...though quite new here, there is one thing I must nip in the bud (And Deputy Barney agrees)...my name is DebtorBasher, not DebtBasher...and that is DebtorBasher with a capital "D" and capital "B".

Thanks for the welcome, I might stick around for awhile.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
Enjoy your stay here although, I already don't like your tone of voice regarding your namesake.
Perhaps, you should dial down that 'tude of yours when addressing me, sir?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
WowRE, are you high or just in high school?
Posted by Pepper on 2010-03-10:
it does sound a bit kinky...
Posted by D. on 2010-03-10:
ZZ...my 'tude is MY 'tude and if you don't like it, you'll just have to adjust YOURS to be more inline with MINE...MISSY!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
Great review DB!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
Good info DB! I like anything that makes a chore simple. Sounds like this will do the trick.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-11:
Very Helpful. I haven't read a review this entertaining since the sea salt review.
Posted by D. on 2010-03-11:
My "M3C" goal is to write reviews with the expertise of the poster who wrote that sea salt review...a girl has to have goals in her life, you know.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-11:
I haven't tried this product for two reasons. The first one is that the amount of detergent can't be adjusted. I actually use Purex liquid most of the time, but I never use the entire measurement suggested. I do a lot of small loads because they come out cleaner. So one sheet would probably be too much detergent for a typical load.

The second reason is the fabric softener portion. I stopped using softener sheets a long time ago when I found out from the tech fixing my dryer that the lint screen was completely clogged with softener gook. I always cleaned off the lint but never realized that the screen was actually clogged. He held it up to the light and I couldn't believe it. I had to scrub the screen to remove all the residue from the fabric softener. And that was what actually caused the dryer to break.

But I can see this product being a good idea for the all the reasons mentioned here. Good review, and it answered some of my questions about the product.
Posted by D. on 2010-03-11:
I believe the softener comes off the sheet in the rinse cycle of the wash...because the first layer is blue (detergent), the second layer is pink or green (softener) then when you take it out of the washer, it's a very soft cottony sheet for Static control that goes into the dryer...it doesn't have the filmy stuff on it like regular dryer sheets. I do know what you're talking about, I've heard about the build up dryer sheets can cause in the lint filter. But, I can understand your reasons.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-11:
I have to tell you, DB, I really don't miss the fabric softener. It was something I always thought I had to use, but the dryer does a good job softening most fabrics. I do miss it sometimes on things I drip dry, but I just stopped using fabric softener altogether. Now I'm thinking of having some on hand again because it does help reduce wrinkles when drip drying.
Posted by D. on 2010-03-11:
I never used Fabric softener, but with the sheets, it sure does leave everything smelling good!
Posted by zeldaz on 2010-03-17:
I haven't seen an answer as to whether or not these sheets can be used in an HE machine. Anyone?
Posted by D. on 2010-03-17:
What is an HE machine?
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-03-17:
High efficiency. They use less water and require special soap. All front loaders are HE and some top loaders.
Posted by D. on 2010-03-17:
Thanks YT...I'll have to see if I can find an answer to that one.
Posted by D. on 2010-03-17:
YES! It IS HE machine compatable according to the Purex Website:


Scroll to the bottom of that page and it will show a list of Purex products that are HE compatable..the 3-In-1 is listed with a few other products of theirs.
Posted by zeldaz on 2010-03-18:
Thank you very much for DB! Sorry I assumed all would know what an HE machine was. And thanks for the message and the link. With three teenage boys, I cherish my HE machine, it handles a lot of dirty jeans at once and uses very little detergent. I have to say I was not sad when my regular washer died. Hubby was away and I had to make the decision on a replacement all by myself! Lovin' it! I'll check out the Purex site.
Posted by D. on 2010-03-18:
Well...we learned something from each other then...:)
Posted by xmisskim55x on 2010-03-24:
What does the refill package cost??
Posted by D. on 2010-03-24:
The refill was $5.00 and it was for 24 loads. But there are always coupons for it too.
Posted by PirateWench on 2010-03-29:
My mom also cuts the sheets in thirds for hand washing, and they do fine.
Posted by sourgurl758 on 2010-04-12:
Does anyone know how these work with front loading machines?? I have one of those HE machines that requires specific detergent and fabric softener. But I'd definitely be interested in saving space and time measuring out the liquid...
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-04-12:
sourgurl, click on the link that DebtorBasher posted about 6 comments above your question. It explains it pretty well there.
Posted by suzebro on 2010-04-18:
I love Purex 3 in 1. It cleans my clothes well but I find that if I put a extra softner sheet in the dryer along with the Purex one that my clothes come out smelling better and are softer. All in all this is a great product.
Posted by sourgurl758 on 2010-04-28:
thanks, trp2hevn - - that website was helpful in a lot of ways!
Posted by D. on 2010-08-15:
Wow...I didn't realize I posted this back in March. A 'Helpful' Vote just brought me back to this thread (thanks whoever just rated this as being helpful)....anyway, as I said, I didn't realize this was posted back in March and I just wanted to let you all know, that the original pack and refill that I bought when I wrote this review, I'M STILL USING! Yup, since March and yes, I do laundry about every two weeks. So, this just proves to me that they are a money saver because when I used the liquid, I used a cap full, then I'd pour extra in it...with these, it's just one sheet and that's it.

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