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Review by hardworkingAmerican on 2010-03-15
FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- I would like to help warn you of the awful service Amerigas has. they over charge you, rip you off, charge your credit card for material they do not provide you, misrepresent their logo and literally steal money from the consumer. They are a monopoly and hold the power of their monopoly over the consumer. We have propane heat for our home. I can not believe this is legal, I will do what ever I can to expose this illegal activity Amerigas is practicing. No customer service what so ever! I am talking about a product that is a nesecity it is not a luxurity to have heat in your home, we can not even go to another complany due to the fact that the tanks that are on the property are owed by Amerigas and will not let any other company touch them> I have asked Amerigas to remove the tanks and they refuse. I am sick about this and feel strongly that we the people need to stop this monopoly.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-15:
Ok...so exactly what did they do?
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-03-15:
unless you are on contract pricing, you will pay full current market value per gallon.
Posted by hardworkingAmerican on 2010-03-16:
I had to prepay for gas that they never delivered, then we ran out of gas and they say they charge to comeout fill tank and restart, charge ME!! then when I asked to have the tanks removed they want to charge me for that. with their tanks on property I can not get a different company to come in with their tank, so I can change company.... its not difficult, it a crime the way utility companies treat people that pay for their utilities....
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-16:
You prepaid for gas that they never deliverd. Now they want to charge you to comeout and restart your service? There's got to be something you can do. Is there a utilities commission for your state that you can complain to? This isn't right!
Posted by trciesla on 2012-02-21:
Here in California, there is NO regulation of the propane industry. I was floored when I discovered no big brother. I bought the tank and shop all distributors for prices. The tank cost $750.00 had to get new regulator $110.00 the tank is over 20 years old. I last paid just under $3.00/gallon in Dec 20, 2011.

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