Alienst Complaint - Refusal to Pay Employees

Review by JNS on 2010-03-16
I worked for Alienst, an internet marketing and marketing psychology company, from December 2009 to February 2010. I did more than was required of me, and I made a lot of positive changes in the short time I worked for him, including designing new spreadsheets and hiring completely new staff. I decided to quit because he refused to implement a payment schedule for me. There is a balance of $600 owed to me for work I did for his company. He has stated several times that he owes me the money, that I deserve compensation, and that he will pay me on x date. However, he continues to issue conditions on payment. First, he stated that I needed to change the feedback I left for him on a website that he hired me through in order to get paid. Next, he stated that my pay would be contingent on my attitude. Now, he states that he will only be issuing partial payment. He has also threatened legal action against nonexistent claims. At the current time, he is not answering any of my emails.

Aside from the issue of nonpayment, I quit working for because he had an extremely unprofessional attitude to some of his clients. If they asked too many questions, he would dub them 'difficult to work with'. He would sign contracts with clients promising to deliver certain tasks, and not once did Alienst manage to live up to the contract. He also issues press releases about spider marketing, yet he has never mentioned this tool to me, nor is it implemented in the company's services.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-17:
Were you an actual employee or were you a subcontractor? You may need to contact the wage and labor board and make a complaint.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-03-17:

contact labor board about this

i he owes you pay he cannot with hold it just because his panties are in a twist about something
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-25:
Wow, I hope this employee comes back and sues the company for giving out her full name and the reasons she was fired online. That should be worth a few bucks in addition to any wages she was owed.
Posted by Head Alienst on 2010-04-26:
This is her previous administrator, (Name removed), the freelance contractor assistant who was paid on "Performance" did not perform. We lost 4 clients due to her attitude and lack of professionalism, two refused to even accept emails from her. She sent out emails to clients that made them call and ask "Who is this girl representing your company, you need to do something about her" (10 days after starting) We asked her to lose the attitude and work with us to save the clients. She refused to work any longer and contacted all our clients slandering us for non-payment from the DAY she was let go, this is not new. We lost 6 clients in all, 4 due to her work and two to her slander. It is very sad when someone can come on a forum like this and spread this type of thing. Take a look online, you will not find another complaint in the World about us, in fact very much the opposite, our reputation for goodwill and client support is well documented online.

This is a case of a scorned ex freelancer (Not employee)who was looking for a reason to start trouble. The assistant who replaced her is an angel and has delivered well ahead of every goal. The same was not the case for (Name removed). She was a less than sub par employee at best with very little interpersonal skills, who despite being paid is still slandering us. She confirmed with Odesk where she was retained from 5 months ago she was owed no more money. She accepted and then left slanderous feedback anyway about payment.

What (Name Removed) doesn't mention is that she left in the middle of the month with unfinished work. This created the delay in pay as we had to replace her and finish out the month to get client payment. (4 canceled and left)

We are a small company, so anyone thinking this is the big guy. We are a break even company at best most months. When someone intentionally starts slandering you and making things up out of spite then what can you do.

We have proof of payment through PayPal and proof of all the Facts listed in this rebuttal. All other information is malicious slander. We feel like we hired someone who had previously been screwed over and did not get closure. Its very hard to understand the motives her, but something is not right.

* Note: There needs to be a change in policy, if someone can post slander using names of people she doesn't even know. But the responding party who is under attack cannot, this is not an even playing field and leaves everyone open to false and misleading claims against them without recourse.

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