ALW Sourcing, LLC, Trenton, NJ Complaint - What the HEY!

Review by Eggs and Ham on 2010-03-18
TRENTON, NEW JERSEY -- After checking my mailbox yesterday, I received a letter from the above mentioned. It stated I owed $9,227.96.

I immediately called them, and I was told I indeed owed this debt. I asked from whom this bill was originated and the date of occurrence, they told me the the original place of bill via NCO Financial. But they could not tell me the date of this debt.

When it came time to verify my SSN, only the last 4...which I did, the SSN was incorrect, then the representative wanted to verify my past employers...from about 10 plus years ago....when it came time to verify my addresses, they were also incorrect. I want to know how they knew where I was working at, my past mortgage companies without checking my credit ?? Though my SSN number given was incorrect?

Then the representative started asking me if I knew these ppls names.....names I have no idea as to why is even connected to me....I am not happy....

In the end, the representative stated she will add "dispute"to the status of this debt, and return the debt to the originator, which is NCO Financial.

I have an odd feeling this will not be the end of them, I am planning on contacting my attorney regarding this matter. This is not how to conduct business....

You just cannot send ppl at random (it seems) bills they did not incur. I did check my credit reports and they seem to be in tact. This is no joke..I could loose my job over this BS.

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