Haliburton Complaint - Haliburton is full of criminals

Review by N. on 2004-10-30
Yes, I would like to say that Haliburton is a corporation full of criminals that all belong in prison. The only reason why the US army is doing things other than trying to capture Ossama Bin Laden is so Haliburton can loot all of the oil in the mideast.
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Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-10-30:
NOt very groundbreaking, Doctor. This was exposed a LONG time ago. If you bothered to check thier stocks, you'd see a steady, incredible decline.
Posted by OIC on 2004-10-30:
As an insignificant speck of dust what are you going to do about it?
Posted by OIC on 2004-10-30:
P.S... here's a hint... "VOTE"!
Posted by N. on 2004-10-31:
Insignificant spec of dust? You must have never heard of the great and diabolical Dr. Jeecheroo before.
Posted by Loretta Jamison/author on 2004-10-31:
You are the best arguement for why I am voting the way I am. Please keep it up because when people read your drivel they will want to shut you up. You know there is such a thing as investigative branch and let's not forget congressional hearing spending money that people like me work for. Then again how ignorant of me not to recognize this for what it is worth? Let's put it this way. I am the one you should know because if you did and you will it will be pretty straight and to the point.
Posted by N. on 2004-10-31:
And you are the reason why I am voting the way I am voting because you have posted nothing but ignorant babble. You can't come up with good reasons why to vote for George W. Bush even if your life was at stake. Just admit it. People wonder why Americans are some of the stupidest people on the face of the planet.
Posted by Loretta Jamison/author on 2004-10-31:
Really I had arguements but you see your site or whatever denied me my freedom of speech which will be denied you sooner or later. You voted and whoopee for you. The ignorant here is you and you have proven it. Now this arguement or whatever ends. I will take this site off my favorites.
Posted by N. on 2004-10-31:
Denied you your freedom of speech? Seeing as I have mainly spammed and trolled this site in the past and still do so today, I cannot believe that they deleted your posts in an effort to refute my own. Even toilet is making you look stupid.
Posted by Loretta Jamison/author on 2004-10-31:
Whatever as I said you exercise your right and I will exercise mine. I have more important things to do like promote my book that is being made into a movie. Kiss kiss.
Posted by N. on 2004-10-31:
And I'm sure you're really who you say you are.
Posted by Loretta Jamison/author on 2004-11-01:
Halliburton is not the ideal compnay but the largest consumption of oil is China. That was on 20/20 look it up. So there smart guy not a company I would like to do business with.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-01:
Lets see, I never said anything about being the "largest consumer of oil" now did I? Besides, China is a COUNTRY, not a corporation. China is trying to support a nation of over a billion people. Haliburton just wants to fatten their wallets. Big difference.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-02:
Loretta don’t worry about doctor wack off who shaves his nads he is nothing impressive = read http://my3cents.com/showForum.cgi?type=Z
Posted by Loretta Jamison/author on 2004-11-03:
The votes have been cast the people have spoken especially in Florida. His candidate lost. Now let us get on with the business of moving forward.
Posted by CAMedWmn on 2005-04-12:
They are only criminals once convicted. Hence why none of them have yet to be brought to trial?
Posted by mjholly on 2005-12-05:
I agree. Halliburton is ran by Nazis working for two big Nazis-Bush and Cheney. Should be called Hitlerburton.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-28:
I'm gonna have to agree with mjholly on this one.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-01-28:
Wow, tex nick gave doc the biz. Who saw that coming. LMAO, I forgot about toilet.

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