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Review by Danny973 on 2010-03-29
EAST HANOVER, NEW JERSEY -- Boy, for me to seek a place to write a review of how I feel it has to be the slow water torture on my head. What is the slow water torture? Dealing with Warnock on small, large, important, unimportant things. I had read someone else's review who also said they were rude. I mean it is almost funny rude, you end up staring at the phone in your hand and saying to yourself who rated them how many stars?

Remember on TV you knew the person was shopping at a high class establishment because the Waiter/sales person treated the customer like crap. It is fun to watch on TV but in real life it is not something that you should seek out. Yet they do this time and time again. That wouldn't be as bad if they actually did work that I was satisfied with, but of course that is not the case. First, eighty percent of the time I get my car fixed there it is done incorrectly.

Once they had a survey and I responded negatively. I got a call from the manager. He basically made excuses and I really felt like it was of no use at all. They are not trying to fix any problems that you may have they just don't want you to complain about them to other people. For example I dropped my car off for a week to have a blinker fixed. I picked up the car and the blinker was fixed. When I got home I checked the other blinkers and the rear one was not working. This is typical. I called to tell them that the rear blinker was now not working. They charge a 100 plus dollars just to look at the problem and then apply it to the bill, if the bill it over a hundred. So if you get a bulb put in and it cost 30 cent your bill will be 100 dollars. So, when I dropped off the car we had checked all the blinkers, all of them working, included the back. Only the front one was not working. I pick up the car drive it home and check the blinker and the back one is not working and call them and ask them to fix the back one. Then I ask about the about the 100 dollars fee from the first time and they tell me they will have to see if they can not change me a second time..I had told them the back blinker was working and then you, the dealer touched it. now it is not working and you want me to spend another 100.00 to diagnose the problem when you created it?

. Man....just good luck. Also, I had gotten into an accident and the other place that I brought it to couldn't figure out the \blinker issue so they insisted that I bring it to Warnock to have it looked at. I would have never done it again, but it was just a blinker, how can they mess that up and be rude all at the same time. I figured it was only a blinker, just a blinker. A week of rent a 300.00 car and 190.00 to put a ground wire. Now another 100 to find out what is happening with the blinker they broke.

I also bought my car from there and found that you can get a better price at any other dealership. They put in an automatic start for me. I was told by another mechanic that it wasn't put in correctly. Just do not do it. If you have to buy the car there ( I would really look around first) then do not plan on doing any service at all there. Only buy the car there if you really know that you are getting a good deal. I knew the person that I bought from and still found the car 800.00 cheaper somewhere else.

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