GOP Complaint - Republicans are evil

Review by N. on 2004-11-06

They can't tell the truth even if their life is at stake

They hate the enviornment and want to abolish it from the world

Every republican is a criminal that belongs in prison

They think abortion and gay marrage are wrong for religious purposes, yet they never donate to charity or show any care towards the thousands upon thousands of people dying in Iraq

They care more about making money than ethical issues

They want to abolish education

More criminals are being let free on the streets and more terrorists are popping up today because of republicans

They try to manipulate the general public with FOX News because they know the majority of Americans are stupid enough

Republicans continue to flaunt their stupidity at you even when you slaughter them in arguments

They want to bring back the draft and send off both men and women ages 18-26 whether they're in college or not

Republicans are evil. The GOP is an evil terrorist organization no different from Al Queda. Some people say only a handful of Republicans are criminals. Well only a handful of Nazis were criminals yet we still consider them to be evil. Any republican who is not evil should change their political affiliation.
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Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-11-06:
I agree with everyone else. You are not even worth responding to.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-06:
You can't admit the fact that it's all true, can you?
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-11-06:
The one thing that I will admit is that the Democratic party is not what JFK was a part of. JFK would be embarrassed to see even how his own brother has turned out. I was raised in a democratic family and after Carter, Ted Kennady, and Clinton I would never vote for the democratic party. And now just like the rest of the Clinton kool-aid drinkers, you have been brain-washed to believe the trash that you wrote. Too bad.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-11-06:
Actually Dr J., there were two bill before congress that had to do with the draft, bill S.89 and bill H.R. 163 that were introduced by democrats and were defeated by a Republican controlled house in October. The facts are the US military has the most sophisticated army in the world. It's soldiers are highly capable, well trained, intelligent, and brave and instituting a draft would expose the military to an adverse selection that would hamper there ability to perform to the high level that they do. It's great that you have taken an interest in your government, but if you voted democrat because of this issue you have been tricked by the party you voted for.
Posted by rich230 on 2004-11-06:
We need more people with the honesty and morals of good democrats like Bill Clinton. Wonder if Monica still has the blue dress?
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-11-06:
It's only a matter of time before they name a bridge after Ted "give me another beer" Kennedy. They mey even name a pants line after Hillary Clinton since she is the one that wears them in her family, you know, Bills got his down around his ankles.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-06:
So Ibecrazy, you don't agree that the nation is in one of the largest deficits? That jobs are being lost? That cost of living is going up? That it is much more difficult to find a job nowadays? That the middle class are the ones who should be receiving the tax break rather than the rich, who can more than afford to pay taxes? That thousands upon thousands of US soldiers, Iraqi civilians, and others are being killed in a war that was started by America for the wrong purposes? There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, PERIOD. Americans need to get the hell out.
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-11-06:
No, I do agree it will take a while for the US to recover from our deficit. But that is not George Bush's fault. You, like many others today forgot about one thing. That is what happened on September 11, 2001. Our economy went bust on that day and we are still paying. But at least George W. won't bow down to the pansy French and Germans and terrorist like Kerry would have. It is sad that most people have forgotten about 9/11 and its consequences. I'm glad that we have a president that hasn't forgotten.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-06:
George Bush believes everything is going fine in Iraq. He probably thinks that only a handfull of American Soldiers have died at the most and D!ck Cheney says that it was so good of an idea that he would want to do the same thing to France that he did with Iraq. Remember, George Bush DOES NOT SUPPORT YOU.
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-11-06:
Your right. Iraq would be better off with Saddam Hussein in power filling mass graves everyday. They would be better off with Saddam's sons rapeing women then killing them everyday. You are right. I am just stupid. I now wish that I would have moved to Iraq will Hussein was in power. Sounds like a great place to live. If Kerry would have been elected he would have probably put Saddam back in power. Democrats are brain-washed from the word go.
Posted by mad on 2004-11-06:
Why in the h3ll does adminstration let this guy post his rambling rants? First of all, he has no idea what he's talking about. Second, I would love to know where he's getting his stats.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-06:
Is Saddam Hussien or anyone in Iraq responsible for 9/11? Was Iraq a threat to Americans? Did they have connections with Al Queida? The answer to all these questions is "no". This whole conflict in Iraq is all for George Bush's personal gain, and Ossama could have been captured by now if we hadn't wasted time, troops, money, and resources in Iraq. While were at it, lets go invade Cuba because Phidel Castro is an evil communist dictator.
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-11-07:
Sounds good to me. Lets go. Cuba would make a nice vacation get-a-way. I'll call George W.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-07:
How ironic, I was watching a special on Hitler and his supporters on the History Channel and it reminded me of George Bush and people like ibecrazy, who are only instruments of society being used. You know that George W is the Hitler of the 21st century.
Posted by mad on 2004-11-07:
Dr. J, YOU remind me of Hitler's supporters. You are overzealous beyond belief. People like you scare the h3ll out me!!!
Posted by N. on 2004-11-07:
Overzealous? There hasn't been a single Bush supporter who gave valid reasons why to vote for him. They're as blind as the people who followed Hitler and Stalin. In fact, people still prayed to Stalin for help even though he was the one who sent them to all those death camps in Siberia.
Posted by mad on 2004-11-07:
Dr. J., not a "single" supporter. Your sweeping generalizations kill me. As if you went around and talked to every single person who supported Bush.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-07:
It isn't necessary. It's overly obvious that American citizens are slaves to the Bush Administration.
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-11-08:
Well Dr. J. Now that you have put me into the same league as Hitler, I will quit doing this back and forth argument with you scum bag. It will be a cold day in he!! before I ever respond to you again.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-08:
Typical republican. Jeez this nation is full of ignorant retards.
Posted by bill on 2004-11-08:
Republicans "want to abolish education"? C'mon Dr. J, even you don't belive that one. You wrote all of that crap just to get a rise out of people because that is the only way you can get anyone to talk to you. You are such a pathetic loser.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-11-08:
The good Dr must be the most uniformed, misguided individual in history. 1) Gay marriage was defeated in Michigan and Oregon, both states that voted Democrat. 2) The top 5 richest senators are all democrates, as far as that goes 10 out of twelve are democrates. 3) abolish education - get real (that was a stupid comment even by your standards). 4) "Criminals are being let free", I guess you did not follow the California election where a republican govenor (Arnold S.) helped defeat opposition to the three strikes law. 5) FOX News? ever hear of CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post (shall I continue?). 6) The draft? interesting you blame republicans for this considering it was the democrates who supported the bills and were defeated by republicans. 7) Never donate to charity? I probably donated more to charity than you make in a year!! 8) Iraq? quote "I voted for the war, before I voted against it" and "Saddam Hussein is a threat to the United States" - author, JOHN KERRY (D), a member of the senate intelligence committee. Don't blame Americans for voting for Bush, blame the democratic party for running a campaign full of deceipt and misrepresenting the facts.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-08:
Abortion = freedom of choice. You are not a woman and don’t know what the circumstances are for women or women’s situations. What about all the drug babies that suffer? What about AIDS babies? What if she is raped? What about the girl if she is young throwing away her education and life? What about all the screwed up kids in foster care and in state adoption programs? Like they are not abused or treated like second hand citizens and their situations. Is it fair? Why don’t you go and volunteer at a woman’s shelter, rape hotline, adoption agency, or something of that sort, then have an opinion from first hand experience. Bring tissues you will need them.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-08:
Don’t blame 1 political party = blame everyone for letting our society go down in downward spiral.
Posted by mad on 2004-11-08:
Dr. Jackazz, you are way to full of yourself. First of all, I'm not a republican, nor am I a democrat. So pull your head out of azz and STOP prejudging everyone. You sound crazy, and if you don't shut up, the men with the straight jacket will be at you door soon.
Posted by mad on 2004-11-08:
Dr. jack in the box is scared sh!tless that Bush is going to reintate the draft. Don't worry dr. j.; just throw your hands in the air and cry like a girl, and I'm sure they'll let you stay home.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-09:
Then how come just about every corrupt politician from the last 100 years or so was Republican?
Posted by mad on 2004-11-09:
Oh yea and Bill Clinton was a choir boy. I have a real problem with a man who cheats on his own wife and then lies about it to millions of Americans.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-09:
Dr. There are a lot of crooked people out there, just as there are honest people out there. Go out, experience life, and make the best of it. If you see something that you think is wrong then make a stand and try to right it. The point is that you try, not just sit around and complain. For Thanksgiving please go out and volunteer somewhere in your community = feed the homeless, crisis hot line, Thanksgiving serve the homeless food, food bank donations, and etc. make a choice and see how others live and what they do and don’t have. You will appreciate all that you have.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-15:
So it's wrong to lie about your own personal affairs, but it's okay to start a war for your own personal gain and then lie about the status of it, lie about health care, the Watergate incident, and tell the UN to f off?
Posted by CAMedWmn on 2005-04-12:
Rather than pointing fingers at any particular political party, how about we all dump the rhetoric and slogans. Wake up, people! If they want to be a politician in Washington DC, they're out to rip us all off!

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