Lil' Ricci's Pizza Informative - Decent Pizza: Judgmental Discriminating Manager

Review by Sidewinder7 on 2010-04-03
DENVER, COLORADO -- I have noted a slump in the quality of the pizza, although it's still not bad. The quality of the pizza his is not what bothers me. The manner in which the manager treated me, was atrocious!

The first time I had the "pleasure" of bumping heads with this person was a couple of months ago. It was in the late afternoon, and granted, I wasn't wearing my "Sunday's best", I had on tennis shoes, sweat pants, a T-shirt and a jacket. I had been helping a friend move since 8 am!.
I needed to have my car keys duplicated, Ace nearby but it was within minutes of closing. figured I'd order, go to ACE1st thing this guy did, after I ordered was DEMAND I pay him. My wallet was in my car. I go all the way out to my car, get my wallet, which took several minutes, came back and paid the man. I literally had to SPRINT over to Ace to make it in time to get my keys copied.
I asked if I could have a seat he seemed reluctant but that would have been too blatant! When I asked for a cup for water. one of the Hispanic gentleman who worked behind the counter had to get it for me because mister "manager" was on the other side yapping away to one of the other customers. On the way out, all I was did was refill my water cup. THIS FOOL ACCUSED ME OF STEALING A POP! He literally chased me out of the store!
Needless to say, I was shaken up but I had so many things happening, I didn't have the time or energy to devote to something and someone so meaningless. I assessed this guy was having a really bad day. Perhaps he thought I was a street person because I'm not one of the "beautiful people" (He should look in the mirror)! Granted, I'm not wealthy but I live in a town home, have a car, 2 computers, a PA system and workstation. That's a far cry from being a street person!

Last Friday (March 20th) I mustered the courage to brave another go at Lil Ricci of 3333 S. Tamarac drive. I no sooner walked in the door when that "lovely man" (yes that was sarcastic) saw me, snapped his fingers in the manner of a third class private at Auschwitz, and LITERALLY ORDERED me out of the store. That's when I made the decision to act. I waited a few days to cool off because this outrageous treatment made me very angry.
I DON'T say this often because I know the economy is rough, but I don't think that guy belongs in management. It has nothing to do with the "customer always being right or wrong".
I believe this guy shouldn't be in management because a good manager has good interpersonal skills, or at least someone who has the POTENTIAL to cultivate them. Good interpersonal skills start by making EVERY BODY FEEL WELCOME, NOT just the "cute" ones, thin young ones, ones who appear wealthy or when it's convenient). A GOOD manager SHOULD, under NO circumstance get so cocky to where he thinks he can be a nut sack to someone just "because he thinks he can and there's NOTHING that person can do")
I've ONLY just begun! What he did was WRONG and I intend to do everything I can so that he'll think twice before he mistreats someone in the future while thinking there's "nothing they can do"! It's WRONG to feel so entitled, it's WRONG to accuse someone of something with no proof, and it's WORSE to do that to paying customers!
He seems to make snap (and inaccurate) judgments and I also think he's a stingy penny pincher, who wants to eek everything he can out of the customer and give them nothing but accusations and a hard time in exchange. Read the last 2 reviews. I don't know those people nor they, me. Sounds to me, like there's a general consensus on the "stinginess" factor
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-04-03:
I really don't think it had anything to do with how you were dress or if you aren't one of the "pretty people" and had everything to do with the fact that he believed you stole from him.
Posted by Skye on 2010-04-04:
Denver's a big city. Find another pizza place. If you have any Boriello Brothers around, try them.
Posted by merope on 2010-04-04:
It is only a figure of speech, Dryad, and it works here. The op definitely has a "way with words".
Posted by Starlord on 2010-04-04:
I find this review very interesting. The History Channel recently had a program called 'Pizza Wars,' wherein they addressed the history of pizza and it's arrival in the US after WWII. Pizza was the food of the poor in Italy. Sophia Loren recently said she was amazed that pizza has become so popular in the US. A lot of this was due to GIs who discovered pizza while in Italy. The rest of the show was tacking the family tree of pizza joints in New York City, then the battle between New York style thin pizza and Chicago Deep Dish. Sounds like the manager needs to do a bit of research on the background of that divine food, that rose from the status of peasant food to surpass even the great hamburger.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-04-14:
well i will say that they have the right to ban you from the store.

although personally, if they'd been that crappy to me... i wouldn't want to go back no matter what.
especially if the quality was going downhill.

(though on a side note, you mean your friend didn't buy dinner for you? oy! last time i helped someone move they took me out for dinner afterwards!)
Posted by idontthinkso on 2010-04-15:
Actually Sidewinder, you MADE it Pepper's business when you mentioned it on an internet website. As for your post, you brought up some debatable points, and got angry when they were debated. This site isn't for revenge. It's a community. If you can't accept that you aren't going to get universal acceptance, you don't belong in it.

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