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Review by hothead on 2010-04-05
I would like to suggest to all those companies that make our lives safer with there invention of red light cameras to consider a good cause and help with a problem at my child's elementary school.

Drivers leaving school after picking up there kids on campus must drive threw a cross-walk filled with children walking home from school. Often, far too often many drivers, in a hurry or distracted, do not see the kids crossing and many near misses have occurred.

I myself have yelled at the drivers too slow down and watch out as I have had several close calls, walking my kids cross the street .

The school has a crossing guard but the drivers rarely pay attention to them !
Our school has no traffic light as it is in a non - business ( residential ) neighborhood .

SO I have this idea what if a red light camera was installed to watch this intersection, but instead of being connected to a fixed traffic light, a temporary light controlled by school officials ( personal) rolled out into the intersection at school time ( morning and school end of day ) and connected via wireless internet connection could solve this problem.

After drivers received a ticket, I'm sure it would make them pay attention to other children and not to be distracted ! The school would not have to pay for the camera, which they would like I'm sure, and the city and your company make money!!!

The children coming and going from school are safe and all community would benefit.

So that's my big idea - tell me what you think ?
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-04-05:
I would talk to your local police department about your concern, it is a very valid concern and maybe they could come up with a solution or some helpful advice. I would also bring my concern up at the next school board meeting. Good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-05:
My daughters school has crossing guards...Don't see many of them around anymore..
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-05:
Excellent advice, Spiderman2.

I live near a high school/middle school where the traffic speed is normally 50mph. In the morning and in the afternoon, the flashing yellow lights indicate to drivers to slow to 25mph in the school zone.

It's not unusual to see several motorists pulled over and ticketed by officers in the afternoon (when the kids are being let out). Obviously, they increase their patrol in that area during those times.
Posted by hothead on 2010-04-05:
As the crossing guards are teachers from the school , doing double duty by watching intersections after a long school day of teaching - i wish to help them rather than criticize there efforts to help children cross the street.
The school management has turned a blind eye to the problem as they have no money to resolve or explore the problem of traffic .
The police are of no help what-so- ever ,and i have exhausted my efforts to recruit and or receive there help.
I am a parent that wants a safe intersection for my children - - and i plan to keep fighting !!
Posted by Starlord on 2010-04-05:
The idea of school zone cameras sounds like a good one to me, but there are two big flies in the ointment. First off, does teh technology exist, and if so, how much does it cost? Remember, school systems are strapped for cash right now, and they can't even pay teachers a decent salary. Number 2, We are in the midst of a battle over redlight cameras here in Washington. One side say the cameras are to promote better driving habits, while the defense attorneys and their clients feel that the cameras are a cash cow, and red light tickets should be fined the same as parking tickets. I am sorry, a parked car never ran into a minivan and wipe out an entire family returning from church. Running red lights is extremely hazardous, and IMHO, those convicted of it should lose their license for at least a year. I worked too many accidents caused by people running red lights.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-04-05:
Then my next step would be to go to my city/town council meetings and discuss this issue. Find out what you have to do to be heard at the next meeting. The school can provide crossing guards and it would be in their best interest to try to make sure the teachers and staff are safe so they don't have to pay out workers compensation claims, but the school cannot change or enforce traffic laws on public streets. Asking for a more effective system is not necessarily complaining or criticizing depending on how you phrase your request. If you can get no where with local government, the school or the police department, you can try your local television station and/or newspaper.
Posted by hothead on 2010-04-05:
who are these red light camera companies - and why are they not taking my calls ......

Jerry S.

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