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Review by DumdHead on 2010-04-05
I just came from Wal_mart were I returned a skillet. I had no problems. The other couple making a return was a joke. No receipt, the associates could not even pull up that item in the system. It was still in the box. What struck was the couples final argument. Wal-Mart is a multi billion company they can afford to take back the toy. It had the price on the box, Wal-Mart will not miss the money. One of the reasons the store personnel fight returns is the way the business is set up. The company breaks down from corporate down to a department. The department and store are the ones that do not want returns. They are held accountable for sales and profitability. Returns eat away at sells but kill profitability. Most vendors do not take back the merchandise, Wal mart is better at that than Lowes, Home Depot, Circuit City _was_, and others. If you bring back that shirt that tore or tiller that broke the department is docked the retail value. It takes a lot of sales to off set some returns. If you have an issue with a return it is not somebody trying to save the company money they are just looking at their little coroner of it. The threats are a joke. Most of the people who tell me they will never set foot in a store again are back in weeks or months, I have sen them back in as little as a few hours. Corporate doesn't scare me or any of my DH's. I dot my i's and cross my t's. Corporate may over ride me but the worse they will say is why make us deal with this. If you don't like the answer you get in the store just take it up a notch. Half the time I bump something to cooperate is simply because it is a high dollar item. Yes if I return a 1,200 dollar generator it better meet every line in the policy. If home office does it, I just have to find some body who wants to buy a what ever that somebody else broke. Usually from not reading the directions.
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Posted by Buddy01 on 2010-04-06:
When my son works the service desk at Walmart, he hears the "Walmart is a big company, they can afford it" excuse.

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