Superstition Springs Toyota Complaint - Bad Customer Service

Review by Kurt on 2004-11-09
MESA, ARIZONA -- I went to purchase a vehicle and bought a new tacoma 4 wheel drive they sold me a truck that was purchased by another dealership. I had written a check for $1500. for a down payment to be deposited in 10 days. When I went back to pick it up I was told I could not have it. So I was bummed out! A few days later they told me they had a used one I could look at. I really didn't want a used one so 5 days later I went to look at it and liked it. They then changed my check to be posted 10 days later. So expecting my check to be posted on Nov. 1 2004. I thought I had a few days to put the money in my account. Well come to find out when the first 10 days were up. Causing a numerous amount of overdrafts. I called and told what had happened they said they would look in to it and refund us the fees. 10 more days later with everything overdrafting up to $423. in fees and numerous phone calls to resolve the matter and informing them the fees were increasing with no money in my account to cover them. And endless amounts of stress I received a check for $321. They argued with me saying that I did not send them the correct information on time causing more overdrafts and they would not pay for them, when in fact I did everything I was supposed to. I was trying to avoid anymore overdrafts (who wants to just give their money away). I was treated very unfairly especially by Greg Downed.
Kurt Painter
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Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-09:
If you don’t have the money in your account, write a check, and can’t cover it. It can be counted as fraud or theft. So if you don’t have the money don’t write the check. Part of the problem was your fault. If they did not have the vehicle that you wanted in the time they stated you should call the manufacturer and complained to them and canceled your check.
Posted by tander on 2004-11-09:
He's right about not writing out checks without money in them, but if they agreed to not cash it and hold it for 10 days, then they shouldn't of cashed it, but there's no law that says they have to pay for your overdrafts, so you were lucky they paid. I did the same thing at a dealership, I wrote a check out for 14,000 and they held it for a couple days till the money in my account cleared, but I really had the funds and had to show them a deposit slip.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-10:
Post-dated checks don’t mean a thing. They can cash it or deposit it. It’s theft or fraud to write a check that cannot clear and that you intentionally wrote the check and did not have the funds in the account for the check to clear. You are lucky the dealership or anyone else in your area that you wrote a bad check to did not contact your local DA and file on you, or maybe some did.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-10:
Sorry Tander I am not a he. Friends gave me the title of TXRoadTrip. I like to travel a lot = RoadTrip and I am from Texas = TX.
Posted by annilita on 2008-03-22:
I had a similar experience with them. I finished all the paperwork on my car at 11pm and I told them I would bring them the cash for the downpayment the following day after work. (I was new to the area and only had "starter" checks, which they didn't want to accept.) They had me leave them a check for the right amount in case I didn't show (better than nothing, I guess), which I did. Well, when I returned the next day with the cash, the department with my check was closed. I was told to come back tomorrow. Which I did. Again, they had closed and forgotten to leave the check with the receptionist for me. The next day, the check cleared the bank, leaving me severely in the whole and I was unable to buy food or pay any bills other than my rent for two months. (Yay, first year teacher's salary!) The whole time I was calling them, asking for a refund of $550, since they'd gotten it out of me twice. In the end, I had the loan people calling and literally YELLING at me on the phone telling me that they were going to reposess the car. At my wits end, I called 3 On Your Side and was in preliminary talks to have them help me. I wrote a letter to the dealership to tell them, and they FINALLY cut me a check and had it waiting at reception. We have bought 2 cars since that time and we don't even bother looking there. What a hassel.

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