Gourmet Grocery Online Complaint - Ruined a Birthday! - Food/Cake Delivery

Review by GoodBob on 2010-04-07
On March 10, 2010, I ordered a Cake to be delivered for my Wife's Birthday. Her Favorite Cake Type Is hard to find locally, so I wanted to surprise her with such a cake delivered to our residence.

I found a Company that had that cake : "Gourmet Grocery Online". I ordered and set up delivery for this item from the above mentioned company. All information was correct and COMPLETE! "Gourmet Grocery Online" processed the the online part of the order--they even placed an 'authorization pending' on my credit card!!! During the online ordering process they asked for verification of my information; after which, they sent an 'order done'/ receipt--the usual! However, after everything was done correctly in the ordering process--to which they even stated was 'complete', my wife's Birthday came and went without any cake being delivered, or come to find out even processed for shipment!!!!!

We contacted "Gourmet Grocery Online" to find out why they did not want our honest business. They said they emailed, hours after I placed the order, to ask (once AGAIN) if I ordered a cake to be delivered at our address--facts both I and this aforementioned company already knew and verified!!! Well, I'm not attached to my computer via umbilical cord--I have other responsibilities than to wait hours for an email from a company asking redundantly for info they DEFINITELY already had!!

They were 'satisfied' with my info enough to attach a 'charge pending'!! So why couldn't they use that very same info to do the job they advertise they 'supposedly' do--SHIP a CAKE!!!! I thought the 'Cake' was out of the bag! It definitely was for my wife whom I let know I ordered her favorite variety of from "Gourmet Grocery Online" (I shouldn't have!!)!! The Real Disappointment came when she stated : This Company's Fiasco "RUINED her BIRTHDAY"!!!!!!!!!

Buyer Beware: when it comes to "Gourmet Grocery Online" YOU CAN BUY, BUT YOU WON'T RECEIVE (at least not without playing the pre-mentioned unwarranted 'redundancy games')!!!!

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