The BMW Store Complaint - So you want to buy a BMW

Review by Markham on 2010-04-09
VANCOUVER -- So I decided to buy a certified pre-owned BMW in Vancouver BC and went out to find one. I found a 2006 325i that was quite beautiful. The sales guy told me all about the car and indicated that what I was looking at was practically a new car. It did in fact appear this way in every respect. I took it for a test drive and noted that they was a lot of tire noise. I was told that this was the character of the run flat tire. OK, so I bought the car and an extended warranty including insurance on the run flat tires. Not three months later I go in for an oil change and much to my surprise there is a list of things wrong with the car. It started with the run flat tires. The mechanic told me that the tires were shot when I bought the car (hence the tire noise)as there was no tread left on the inside edges. He also noted that the car was terribly out of alignment. He went on to tell me that the brakes needed complete replacement as they had never been serviced and were at the point of being completely dangerous. Along with the tires the bill was up of 3500.00. So I ask, what does "certified pre-owned" mean. I was then told that extensive checks and repairs were done to the car to bring it up to 'as new condition". It seems that what I was sold was a certified lie. This car was in fact dangerous! This kind of lack of disclosure tells of the Character of BMW.

Since my initial complaint they have completely ignored me. It seems that the tire insurance I bought is worth little more than the paper it is printed on. So you want to buy a BMW? Look out since BMW cares little about you or your customer satisfaction. These guys are little more than sleazy used car salesmen that could care less if you drive away in a car that is dangerous. They will treat you like royalty until you ask them to make good on what should have been an honest deal.
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Posted by Marcus on 2010-04-09:
I would say that this is not BMW as a whole but the dealership from which you bought the BMW. I would go into the dealership and ask to speak with whomever is in charge. You have paid for the warranty so you are entitled to it. If the dealership does not comply a lawsuit will be in order.
Posted by Critical_level2 on 2010-04-11:
I agree with Marcusn85. The dealership you bought it from sounds very shady. My coworker bought a certified BMW and it was in perfect condition, not one issue at all. It think the dealership pulled a fast one on you.

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