Waukegan 8 Motel Complaint - My Trip to Chicago at the Super 8 Waukegan Motel

Review by Lehua on 2010-04-14
CHICGO, ILLINOIS -- I arrived at the Chicago O Hare Airport on 2/18/10, and picked up a rental car and drove to the Waukegan 8 Motel to stay for 2 nights to see my son graduate at the Navy Boot Camp in Great Lakes on 2/19/10. I had a package deal with Travelocity for the hotel, airfare, and car rental where they told me I had a good deal for the round trip was about $545, the rental car was about $104, and the hotel was about $130, anyway, my trip was about $700 something. When I arrived at the motel, the front desk gave me two keys, which when I've tried it, it did not open my door, and when I went back with my bags, they could not open the door also, so he had to go back to the front desk and reactivate it. Then I was suppose to be in a smoke free place and apparently there was smoke in the room right next door to me. I didn't say anything which it kind of bothered me a little but I just got there so I just said forget it. Then when I got in and started hanging up my clothes on the hanger, there was clumps of dust on the hangers and rods, I just dusted it off with my hand. Then I got my toiletries and went to the bathroom and oh my god!!!, there was vomit full all over the sink!!! I turned on the water and started rinsing it out and said I'm not suppose to be doing this. This is gross, so I called the front desk and told the lady that there is vomit all over the sink and she said she be right over and came with no disinfectant, no cleaner or scrubber, just a wash cloth and wiped it down and said sorry about that and left. I was already so sick from my trip before I reached the hotel that I just wanted to rest but couldn't believe what was happening. The next morning when I was going to my sons graduation, I left my bracelet which I was going to wear, but because I had two jackets on I decided to leave it back at the hotel, I deliberately left it by the telephone next to one of my scarves and told the front desk clerk that I don't need any room service today, that my bed can stay the way it is, and when I returned back and went in my room, my bracelet was gone, everything else was there but that. I called the front desk and asked the clerk if anyone came into my room and she said wait let me check and came back on the phone and said no, you left a note saying no room service today so no maids came in your room, so I told her about my bracelet and told her if no maids came inside, then someone else came in my room that has a key, she sounded kind of shaky and said no I don't think anyone could come into your room maybe you misplaced it and I told her, I didn't misplaced because I've searched this whole room, my purse inside out about 4 times, my suitcases, my clothes, and the bed, sheets, the whole room, so somebody came into my room and stole my bracelet because it is no where in here. You know it is really sad and ashame that something like this happens and I guess people kind of take advantage especially when they know that theres only one person checking in a motel for couple of nights and she just so happens to be a woman from out of town. This was my first vacation and it sure as hell isn't going to be my last. I am from Hawaii and we are sure as hell a lot different than most of the people I've met down there. I am not much of a complainer but put yourself in my shoes, as if you're coming to a hotel down here feeling sick from the flight driving many miles finally reaching your hotel and find your bathroom full of vomit and one of your valuables stolen from your hotel. There should be a reimbursement or some kind of consolation for that horrible, disgusting experience at the motel. Please email me if you need more information at achai1@Hawaii. rr.com or call me 808 221-8360. Thank you very much.


Alicia Chai

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