Starbucks - Madison, New Jersey Complaint - Pennie Wise Pound Foolish

Review by oxanna on 2010-04-19
MADISON, NEW JERSEY -- I frequent a store called Starbucks in Madison, NJ. I have been a faithful customer for several years..At this point I have my own tumbler and registered card (card I applied for about 2 months ago) anyway, most of the time when I go ..The people are very nice and accommodating. However, the manager, her name [snip].. Very businesslike frowns when she waits on me..Because my tumbler is a grande tumbler and I always ask for a tall latte with extra foam. Apparently she resents this and it shows in her actions. She has never said anything derogatory, however I can sense her disapproval.. I am a good customer and I have spent a lot of money in Starbucks..If it weren't for customers like me they wouldn't have the business they have! I often get Starbuck emails saying
I am entitled to free shots, refills, syrups, etc. I never take Advantage of this...I just want a good cup of latte! . As a customer..I don't think I am being unreasonable...The other complaint was...Today on the 19th of April, I was waiting patiently... A bit longer than usual for my drink..(I am okay with that) the guy was being very nice...He asked me if I wanted two shots for my latte, I said yes ..Okay. [Snip] heard this and said ...She is entitled to one shot . I didn't make a scene and felt a bit embarrasssed, ...At this point I am considering if this is worth it all...I don't need to feel bad when I purchase something. My first thought is [snip] is pennie wise and pound foolish. She may be a very dedicated employee but she needs to look at the big picture!

I am a good spender!! Make the customer feel good and you will have a faithful customer! She may need a little help in human services! . Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-19:
Well I feel you're assuming about her "frowing" and why she is doing it, does it really matter? It's not like she is giving you attitude to your face or anything. As far as shots go maybe the person on the front line was feeling generous but his name isn't on the books, the managers is. It's her call when to toss in freebies and when to take them away, so she didn't let you have an extra shot, it happens.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-04-19:
You know when I read about how horrible a server was for "not smiling" or "frowning" I think of the story I read at Not Always Right.

It was a coffee shop and the worker wasn't smiling.
The customer berated her for it.

The worker said, "My dad died last night!" and burst into tears.

The customer fled the store, ashamed.

Personally I never want to be *that* customer. So if the worker isn't smiling I don't worry about it. I try to be nice to them, but...

it's not all about me.

sometimes that worker has a valid reason for not smiling.

the best thing to do is just be polite to them, smile and maybe the next time that worker will be in a better mood.

in fact being kind to her now, when she's not happy may help improve things later when she is.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-19:
It all boils down to there are people capable of dealing effectively with the public and those who have no business dealing with the public.

I see sour pusses manning registers all the time. People whose faces say I hate being alive. Bummer for sure. We can debate back forth whatever but bottom line it's not good for business because when somebody's taking your money most want some pleasant attitude and if they don't get it then they just might find it elsewhere. It's just that simple.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-19:
Stew, have you ever heard of Aspergers syndrome? Look it up. There are a lot of shy people out there who may appear sad on the outside when nothing is really wrong with them. They just aren't made to socialize like the rest of us. I think it's horrible you think they hate being alive. Don't judge. We all need work.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-19:
As I've stated many times before on mycents my son has Asperger's syndrome. So yes I'm well aware of it. I've been around many children and adults with AS and I can say from absolute experience that not all AS people walk around with sour pusses. In fact I'd say no more so than anybody else. Also, and trust me on this one a good many are far, far from being shy. My son being one of them.

Okay, I never said anybody hated to be alive I said the look on their face said it. There is a difference albeit subtle.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-19:
Still, looks can be deceiving, I still say don't judge them. Others with AS might not look expressive, imagine if that was your son. Would you like people thinking to themselves "god that kid must hate being alive"?

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