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Review by Connoisseur on 2010-04-19
69 SO. PARTITION ST, NEW YORK -- I retained Campbell Carpentry/Home Improvement of Saugerties, NY, to redo my bathroom. I got new shower heads/bathroom faucet, vanity sink with new faucet. Shower doors(he put in crooked..won't close uniformly)

Some of the old tile had to be removed. The only replacement tile that I could find close to the same color as the old ones came in larger squares than the 3x3 that are in the entire bathroom. Campbell without CUTTING the tiles down to size, just stuck them in. How stupid can he be? Not only was the tile off color but now it was not UNIFORMAL IN SIZE.

The first thing I said to him, "I fired the first guy doing this bathroom because he installed the plumbing fixtures wrong, so I need that corrected." (The shower would not work when you pulled the plunger on the faucet)

He put the tiles in(correctly cut, after I told him I will not accept it was it was and he needs to remove it and cut it down to the same size as the rest of them in the bathroom) and the faucet. It all looked completed I paid him he left. I went to take a shower......oh, yes the shower works but now the faucet also has tons of water coming out simultaneously. Then I went to use the vanity sink....the water takes minutes to drain out leaving a mess in the sink and there is no way to clean the sink.....because the water sits as it drains very slowly.

Upshot: Campbell did NOT address the main plumbing problems.

I know it was my stupid fault for paying him, without testing out the fixtures. BUT, that does NOT EXUSE this man sliminess of taking advantage cashing the check KNOWING that he did a shabby job.

From now on I am going to hand them my own contract:

I _____ have been told that this is what needs to be done...(then I am going to go down the line what I want fixed.....1)___2) __
and so on. I am even going to list the materials that I want used(they scam on that too)
I______have read and understand what the work ENTAILS....then I am going to have them sign it.

If they run the other way...........I know they are a rip off. It saves time and money from going to small claims court.

If they can have contracts of expectation...then it has to be a two way street.

Campbell carpentry does a shabby job. Does not consult, just goes ahead and changes things around to suit his cutting corners. He also leaves a mess behind. Not considerate.......does not have booties to put on his work shoes(We don't wear outdoor shoes in the house. He should have taken his work shoes off. That is manners.......which he has none.)

He touts himself as 15 years experience. But his handy work indicates that he is a fly by night who is a handy man around the house. NOTHING HE DID WAS PROFESSIONAL QUALITY. NOTHING.

Stay clear of this company, if you don't want a major headache. Now I have to be inconvenienced by having to get another person to make this bathroom completely functional and take time trying to get my money back in small claims court.

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