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Review by thebigcheese on 2010-04-19
Hi Tammy & Readers,
We had a visit from frasier heath today in response regarding your complaint from April 16, 2010. Our score was a 3 out of 30. Thirty pertaining a high risk, zero pertaining to a no risk. I've worked for a few different pizzerias on this peninsula. I would say Emilio Finatti is one of the safest food service restaurants in the pizza category for the peninsula. This proves that we run a very safe restaurant. Complete details can be found at the Frasier Health web site. I honestly can not come to a deduction of how your wings could of tasted like, "rotten seafood." I however would like to dismiss it as an isolated incident, and would be happy to provide you with another order. Hopefully this will concluded further accusations made by you against our products and services. Thank you for consideration. We look forward to cooking for you in the future.

-Aaron Gehrman
Emilio Finatti
Comments:8 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-05-05
Posted by Johanna on 2010-04-19:
Impressive that you can score that well on a surprise inspection.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-04-19:
Why didn't you add this to your first review? Just curious.
Posted by COOKIES! on 2010-04-20:
I'd like to eat there, and I'll actually pay!
Posted by WhiteRocker56 on 2010-04-24:
The pizza there was good but it's not anymore. The staff are teens and kinda rude. I to got a wing from there that tasted rather "off" and have always stayed away from the wings since. I am pretty sure I have seen them smoking inside after hours YUCK! until this place gets cleaned up I would advise on eating there with caution. The owner who has to be in his 20s comes across like he would promise you anything to get you to pay his high prices. $30+ for one large pizza made by teenagers yeah right.. I hope this place changes hands and goes back to the way it was. Which was great.....
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-04-24:
White,. what in the world do you have against teenagers? You were one once, weren't you?

Myself,I am quite impressed such a high score was achieved on a surprise inspection. I would be happy to eat there.
Posted by WhiteRocker56 on 2010-04-24:
Well like you stated I was a teenager and I know why- if you don't understand why we see teens working at mcdonalds and not class A restaurants then you have some growing up to do. It's called experience I would rather be eating food made from somebody who is a chef and has worked in the food industry for a long period of time rather then dealing with some teens that are still in high school learning about the cafeteria. It seems like you are taking this to hart and it's funny that you bring up the surprise inspection - seems like you have allot time to talk about ethics for a restaurant that you have never eaten at, dude give it up we all know it's you
Posted by WhiteRocker56 on 2010-04-24:
That is my last comment about emilio finatti's pizza. Take it or leave it but that is how I feel.
I live 2 secs away and order pizza from across town for a reason, go and check it out and maybe your experiences will be better but you have been warned
Posted by thebigcheese on 2010-05-05:
Dear Whiterocker56,

I have always conducted business in a fair manner and have never resorted to fraud to back myself up. I don’t have the time to leave feedback under fictitious names. This is also due to my late reply to your open compliant, and my apologies for not addressing your comment posthaste. I am to understand these forums are meant to be a safe haven for consumer comment and feedback. Truly, who knows who in the midst of this technocracy. A friend of mine that runs a forum told me he spent twelve hours to delete multiple accounts of just one user. There were more than 15,000 different user profiles. A fact I just recently came across was yahoo statistics on internet bullying. It shows that the majority of internet bullies are women between the age of 30 to late 50's, Taminator is a validation of this enumeration. On a deferent note, I’m not shy to this industry as I’ve been immersed in it for many years. The backbone of the food service industry is built on many of youth. I have even come across some brilliant and very creative criminals in the back of some kitchens. I have also stepped away from numerous kitchens that i felt that did not have safe and or quality food practice. This is one of the reasons I took everything I had and opened my restaurant in 2005. Over the years it has been allot of trial and error to fine tune our products and services. Let me say it hasn't been easy, as it is a very challenging industry. I have adapted managerial skills before and during the operation of Emilio Finatti and have refined acute perceptiveness when hiring staff. In the case of applicants, the interview process is based of three steps. First step is initial introduction, the second step if they pass the first is a working introduction to see how they perform in the kitchen, and interact with our other staff. The third step if they pass the second is a series of performance reviews and challenges that they are faced with. Menus differ as do kitchens. MacDonalds is more fast serve assembly process with allot of repetitive manual procedure. I expect Macdonalds will be out sourcing to robots soon for efficiency. What i have to offer, speaks for itself. To have these be the only real complaints I’ve dealt with in five years is pretty darn good, compared to many of institutions I’ve worked for in the past. So many customers call in each week after they received their order to tell us, "thanks for the best pizza I’ve ever had." I have to say the only real atrocity of all this is the fact that people don’t speak out as much as they should. Most avoid confrontation and stew to a boiling point and erupt libelous script on forums as an attempt to vent themselves. Get off your keister if you have a problem, come down and we will talk about it. Throw out your anonymous letters and do something about your frustrations. Occasionally people make mistakes, and orders may get mixed up, but always know that in this industry or any industry the squeaky wheel get the grease. Something else i want to back up is that i have a food safe and clean kitchen. There is no smoking in my kitchen. There has been smoking in the past near the front door of the restaurant (that is far away from the kitchen) and this has only happened on sparse occasions. Usually its staff functions or my friends that stop by to say hello after hours because I’m always working, and have little to no social life. Its not just a career to me, its a lifestyle that i love and enjoy. My staff also share the same ideals, and the public is welcome to come in and meet them. Whiterocker56 if you haven't noticed it by now you live atop many light commercial businesses. Based on the hours most restaurants operate its of no shock that you may be disturbed by noise on occasion. it has happened a few times where we had a drunk come in and raise ruckus, it can get loud for other reasons as well. If you have a complaint come down and address it, or call me. I hope your complaint was genuine, and not from the bias that would come from that of a quisling relationship with the original complainant. Good day.

-Aaron Gehrman
Emilio Finatti Sicilian Pizzeria

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