State child support enforcement agencies Informative - child support for who?

Review by browneyedgalof67 on 2004-11-19
ARKANSAS -- The federal government formed what we now know as child support enforcement agencies in each state. Has anyone ever thought about this concept. They withhold like 13% of the child support that you went to them to get. Not only this, they also charge you everytime they go to court for you ( attorneys fees). This is so laughable. If you could afford attorneys fees who would need them? You could hire your own attorney and keep 100% of your childrens support. How is the practice of withholding portions of a childs support not only legal but put in place by our government? By the way if you don't use any public assistance, they do not want to help you anyway. This is a camoflauge if I have ever seen one. These agencies were put in place to collect child support to repay the states and federal government some of the losses they suffer in public assistance. They in no way help the average parent working trying to support their children.
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Posted by DawnSeven on 2004-11-20:
I'm wondering if the rules and level of service don't depend on the state you're in. It's the only thing I can think of. The state of Virginia has been collecting my child support for 3 years now. Not only do they give me whatever they collect, but charge and collect interest from my ex-husband when he's in arrears and give that to me as well. Also, I've never been on public assistance. Finally, I have never been charged court fees or attorneys fees of any kind, even when my ex moved to New York and a NY court had to get involved. Currently, New York Child Support Enforcement collects my payments and sends them to Virginia, who then makes deposits directly into my bank account whenever they get money. Nobody has ever charged me a penny. I hope you have better luck in the future!
Posted by CAMedWmn on 2005-04-12:
I agree that it sounds like a flaw in state or local laws. California (from what I'm told) does not withhold "fees" for collecting child support from deadbeat parents, but instead adds them to what the debtor owes. They do (as I'm sure others as well) withhold any amounts received by the parent owed in public assistance (AFDC, Medicaid premiums, etc.), but these are considered monies "advanced" to the parent owed the child support contingent upon the state's ability to collect from the parent owing. If nothing is collected, the state usually ends up "eating" the cost of the child support they provided in lieu of the deadbeat parent.
Posted by MissOrioles on 2007-10-02:
My son father has not paid child support here the kicker if he pay it in year he only have paid $3000 in a year He would be able to put on his taxes he get tax credit of $3300. talk about stupid he be ahead $300.00 all he have to do is pay child support..

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