Adobe Informative - Good, but slow

Review by ViewandReview on 2010-04-22
Adobe is a wonderful software company and makes wonderful software.
---------------------------------Adobe Reader-----------------------------__________________________________________________________________________
Adobe Reader is a great PDF reader with many features, and probably the most features of any PDF reader (and the only one I know of that includes a feature that reads. PDF files aloud). But, it loads VERY slowly and most of it's features are included in free PDF readers and commercial ones (such as Foxit Reader and GDoc Fusion). Overall, I give it a 7 out of 10.
---------------------------------Adobe Dreamweaver------------------------__________________________________________________________________________

Adobe Dreamweaver is an excellent IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and an excellent tool for programmers. That being said, it also has several flaws and (in my opinion) is nowhere worth it's price tag (A couple hundred dollars). Komodo Edit is an excellent free alternative, and though it is considered an editor, I consider it an IDE by far. It has numerous extensions and uses the same plugin engine as Firefox (the extensions are in. xpi format). But, if you want a tool officially recognized as an IDE, then go for one of the following:
"Zend Studio" (about the same price as Dreamweaver, and it loads quicker than what it is based on (Eclipse) and includes more features, AND is made by the company of PHP, an excellent programming language which I use (at the time of writing I am still learning it) but still includes flaws)
"Netbeans" (free, has several plugins and is very popular)
"Eclipse" (Eclipse loads very slowly and has several flaws, though has numerous extensions; see Zend Studio)
"Komodo IDE" (Commercial, Cheaper than Zend Studio and Dreamweaver; Komodo Edit is based on Komodo IDE, but Komodo IDE has debugging features while Komodo Edit does not, and Komodo IDE has other features that Komodo Edit does not (see ; see Komodo Edit)
Overall, Dreamweaver scores a 2 out of 5 stars.
---------------------------------Adobe Acrobat------------------------__________________________________________________________________________

Right off the bat, I will say DO NOT PURCHASE Acrobat please. Instead please go with GDoc Fusion or something much cheaper, because they include nearly all Acrobat's features. Stick with Adobe Reader along with another PDF reader of your choice. Honestly, the best I can give Adobe Acrobat is an extremely poor 1 out of five stars. Come on Adobe! SERIOUSLY!==========================================================================
--------------------------Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave----------------__________________________________________________________________________

The only ones of their kinds (that I know of), they both are awesome (and free!). They definitely deserve 5 out of 5 stars.
--------------------------------Overall Score-----------------------------__________________________________________________________________________
Overall as a software company, Adobe scores 4 out of 5 stars. Adobe has much more potential, and they are a great company.
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Posted by Kenneth on 2010-04-22:
Almost everything that Adobe does is done better by less expensive software. Their software loads are intrusive, and loaded with nagware and unwanted system processes. And on this topic, one of the very best pieces of freeware you can get is something called ToggleFlash. It allows you to put a button on your browser that allows you to keep Flash turned off unless you need it for a specific purpose (i.e. UTube). You'll be amazed how much better browsing is without Flash.

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