Richmond BMW-West Broad Informative - Read this before taking your BMW to Richmond BMW-West Broad

Review by wookytwo on 2010-04-24
RICHMOND, VA -- First, let me start by saying just because you have an appointment doesn't mean you will receive any assistance at your appointment time. I made an appointment for service for 7:30am and waited until 8:15am to be helped.

I brought my 2002 5 series to Richmond BMW for servicing for a few repairs including the alarm. The alarm would randomly sound and drain the battery. After $1200, the service manager said everything was fixed including the alarm problem.

A day after I picked it up, I locked the car thinking the alarm was fixed and it drained the battery while I was in the movie theater for a couple of hours. I called the service department and explained the situation. They said it would be $125 to have them look at it again. I asked them to look at it for free since they told me it was fixed. They hesitantly told me to come back in. I dropped it off the next day and it didn't take them long to call me to say the alarm system needed to be replaced to the tune of $1400. I let them know I wasn't going to pay for a replacement and I couldn't pick up the car for a couple of days since I was out of town on business. The technicians were fine with that and told me I could pick up the car anytime.

A couple days later, I went to pick up the car and the technicians had locked the car causing the alarm to drain the battery! I asked if they could assist me to get my car to start and the technician said, "What do you want me to do, give you a free battery?" then chuckled and walked away. I followed him to ask if they had jumper cables and they did not. After a few minutes, a couple of other technicians came out to assist me and were clueless about how to access the battery when the car was dead, so I showed them. After about 20 minutes of discussing and fidgeting around, they decided to tow the car outside the service bay and try to charge the v8 with a v4 portable charging unit! That wasn't going to work, which I told them, and after another 15-20 minutes, the car was still dead. The technicians made some less than thoughtful comments such as, "you should have paid to get it fixed."

I asked to speak to the service manager, who was not there so I was directed to the general manager. He informed me that their technicians were busy and he couldn't have them spend time on this. I let him know that my time was valuable too and because I had been treated so poorly, I would like a new battery. He didn't take me seriously and told me to wait outside while he talked to his service team about my issue. I repeatedly asked for a new battery but it wasn't until I sat down in the lobby and started talking to his customers that he pulled me back outside and told me he would give me a battery if I left the waiting room. I agreed and after 2 hours of hell, I was able to leave.

Funny part about it is before this situation, I would have gladly traded it in for a newer model in the near future! Their total disregard for their customers is outrageous! Their technicians don't know about the cars they work on and only know how to replace, not repair.

They are owed by Crown Automotive which owes the Richmond BMW, Mini and Acura dealerships on West Broad Street and the BMW dealership in Midlothian and Charlottesville.

Avoid a headache-take your car somewhere else for servicing and buy your next BMW in Northern VA or Hampton Roads. I certainly will!

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