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Review by tracker on 2004-11-22
USA -- As the holiday shopping season is upon us all, this is just a little reminder for those who have had bad experiences with certain retailer(s). Remember those bad experiences and how you swore you would never do business with them again? Stick to your word! Years ago (in my parents day) the one avenue of protest to show any particular company that they were not treating their customers properly was simply to not purchase from them. It is amazing that a person can be treated terribly and yet a week later again shop at that same store because they are a few cents cheaper than another retailer. Yes this is a time when many Americans must be penny wise, but if you continue to patronize those (many times foreign invested)establishments which did you a disservice, they have no reason to better their ways. Posting how you were mistreated (on sites such as this one) is a good start, but remember to follow through on your convictions. If they have done you wrong... hit 'em on their "Price Leaders" (items they are selling at or below cost to get you in the store) then move on to the retailers that appreciate their loyal customers and give them the profit. Also, please don't forget the small "Mom & Pop" stores. Those little nonfranchised establishments that may be a dollar or two more expensive, yet bend over backwards to keep their customers happy. American owned and hardworking. These individuals keep our economy strong. There are many foreign corporations that do not even like us as a people, yet put on a fake smile to profit from us as they provide cheap products made from the sweat of their own impoverished people. Buying American made products (produced and assembled here) keeps Americans working and this country strong.
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Posted by Aember24 on 2004-11-22:
Well I am going to be honest, I am going to go where the prices are cheap wether its a mom and pop store or a retailer. Also just because you may buy something not made in america does not mean you hate your country. It means its cheap and affordable and since the cost of living such as gas prices, rent and utilities continue to rise in this wonderful country, cheap is good.Also if everyone decides they want to shop at more expensive stores because everything is american made and the service may be better than let me know so I can shop elsewhere where the lines will be short and I do not have to worry about being run over by shopping carts and listening to everyones screaming children. I mean come on its the holiday's and even though you had a bad experience once does not mean it's going to happen again. Quit being a prude and just live life and quit worrying about all the bad stuff that goes on.
Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-11-28:
Spoken like a "true american" there Amber. Hope you're high enough on the "food chain" that you aren't affected by people losing their jobs, etc. because you think buying cheaper foreign goods and disliking children is great. That speaks volumes about your character, or lack thereof.
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-11-29:
Like I said before quit following me around you da*n stalker, and yes I am a true american but I am one of the only ones that is honest. No one ever said I didn't like my country or like children, but the truth of the matter is I could care less if the stuff was made in america, if its cheaper I'll buy it if its made in china and its cheaper than america I'll buy it. It's called being conservative, and not blowing money on American made products to show my patriotism. Do you think all of our economy and the fact that we are a great country is based solely on americans? Think again. Because this country depends on alot from other countries, but its just something that is never spoken about. So when I don't spend an extra $20 dollars on a pair of jeans because of there manufacturor, that is $20 I can put in my gas tank, as the prices continue to rise. So if that makes me a crappy american, so be it. Nobody asked you to like it, just deal with it.
Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-11-29:
You likely have to "spend an extra 20.00 on jeans" because of the extra amount of fabric it takes to cover your backside! I hope everybody sees how completely UN-American and Self-Centered you are and blast you! You're fortunate to live in this great land and you have the nerve to back-stab your neighbors who are working hard to make a living by buying chinese imports to save a nickel. Lose a little weight sister, then you'll save money on clothes and gas!
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-11-29:
1nothung: Like I stated in my last post nobody is asking you to like me. And yes I know you think I have a huge as*, you've said it before, it's getting old. And no one is stabbing anyone in the back, but honestly what do you think would happen to our economy if everyone stopped buying imports and spent all the money on american product all foreign merchants would pull out of this country. And I am not talking just about cars, but dishes, clothes, hell even 99% of nail salons, dairy queens, convenience stores, all are owned and operated by foriegners who send there income overseas to their families. People need to get over themselves and quit assuming because they buy "only american" that makes them a better american than someone who shops at abduls shop and save. Why don't you do something really patriotic like join the army, go overseas, fight in the war. If your to chicken for that, than try sending 10% of your income over there to help the troops. Spend your money on their supplies that they are continuosly running out of. Which I just so happen to do. So don't patrionize me until you start being patriotic yourself!
Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-11-29:
What a WARPED sense of SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS you have Hamber! I've already done my hitch with the service, what about you? I'm hardly "chicken," and I'm not surprised you used a food analogy, porky. Justify your spending habits any way you want, just don't complain when your friends lose their jobs because YOU shop to save a nickel and are totally UN-American! You have the FOOL mentality that is the problem with this country. I'm tired of sorting it out for you. Enjoy your ice-cream and watch some QVC. The real world exists around you, but you're too ignorant to realize. I'm sorry you were born in this country...and likely so are all your neighbors.
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-11-29:
Like I said dumbas* I don't care what you think or if you like me. SO if you dislike me so much, why do you keep talking to me? Leave me alone I have better things to do that dispite what you believe does not consist of stuffing my face and flipping thru channels.
Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-11-29:
The truth hurts, doesn't it.
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-11-29:
I don't know 1nothung, does it hurt everytime you have to go to the bathroom and have to squat to pee or how about everytime you look in the mirror?
Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-11-30:
Is that the best you can come up with? Grow up for god's sake. Hamber, you're so completely childish and it's not even funny. Seriously, get some mental health help!
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-11-30:
Why do you continue to talk to me? Help me to understand, because you obviously dont' like, hence the B.S. you continue to spew towards me. You think I'm a child yet that doesn't stop you from following me around begging for attention.Why don't you just do everyone a favor and disappear?
Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-11-30:
Perfect example of you following me around and posting drivel. Seriously, enough of your childing pranks, Hamber. If you've nothing positive to offer here, then I'm sure the admins would appreciate you leaving.
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-12-01:
1nothung, SHHHhhhhh. Leave me alone go pester someone else.
Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-12-01:
I'm just trying to help you see the light and stop posting negative stuff hamber. P.S. how was the parade?
Posted by abcdefg on 2005-02-07:
i think nabisco should make triscuts and wheat thins that are both fat free and sodium free at the same time

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