LOA Fitness Complaint - LOA - Terminate your contract and get punished!!!

Review by sourgurl758 on 2010-04-28
NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TEXAS -- I signed up for a membership at LOA fitness with my mother. We were attracted to the "all women" atmosphere and the ability to use the gym without worrying about a bunch of guys around. For starters they tried to sell us every little "amenity" possible. We ended up paying almost $300 each to sign up, including some kind of digital personal trainer which was more hassle than it will ever be worth.

3 months later, I had to stop going because I didn't work nearby anymore and it just wasn't convenient. We didn't sign a contract but the money was auto-drafted. Around the same time I had lost my checkcard and had to replace it, preventing LOA from being able to auto-withdrawal the monthly fee from my account. I will admit up front that I did not properly cancel my membership...

LOA never sent me a letter regarding any remaining balance. They never called my cell phone, so I assumed there was no remaining balance. 3 months later the collection calls started. I owed them $162...and they would NOT let it go...I told the representative that I understood what I owed and said I couldn't make a payment at that time, but to call me back at a later time. They informed me that if I didn't make a payment they would continue to call. And they did. It got so bad...I was getting calls starting at 8:30 A.M. all the way to 8:30 P.M. with about 2 or 3 calls in between, at least every other day...

I finally told the company that I would file harassment charges if they didn't cease and desist with the volume of calls. That shut them up for 2 months. Now the calls have started again. I know it sounds silly to say I can't afford $162 or even to make a small payment towards it, but holy cow...these people are not going to rest until they get their money. I am going to have to send them the minimum payments possible...and it cringes me to do so...Not because I think I don't owe them..but because the way they have handled themselves is downright filthy, greedy, and tasteless.

I do not recommend anyone getting a membership here, unless they know for fact they will not need to cancel!! If you cancel, be prepared for their wrath!!
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Posted by Johanna on 2010-04-28:
You admit that you did not cancel your membership properly, which is the customer's responsibility no matter if you signed a contract or not.

Your beef shouldn't be with LOA, they're just trying to get the money they're owed and were within their legal right to sell your outstanding balance to a collection agency. Your beef should be with the collection agency, although it sounds like they were calling within the legal calling times (right other M3C'ers?). If you merely told them to stop calling you and you didn't send them a cease and desist letter via certified mail, I don't know if you even have a legal foot to stand on in that instance, either. Bottom line is that you owe the money and you need to make arrangements to pay this debt off if you want the phone calls to stop.

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