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Review by Wigtale on 2010-05-01
HaulBikes.com / Daily Direct / FUC*IN CROOKS
If you're smart you won't hire this company to haul anything. I'm already mad and my bike hasn't got here yet, a week late, but that's not the problem. I live in Indiana and purchased a bike in Cali. The owner had purchased and installed a fairing and he was giving me the original windshield. I started calling moving companies to see which one would work with me and bring the extra windshield. HaulBikes was the second company I called. When I explained the windshield delima to Nancy, she was quick to say it wouldn, t be a problem. She said the driver would wrap it, put it in a safe place, and bring it to me. When the driver picked up the bike, the owner handed him the windshield but he refused to bring it because it wasn't attached to the bike. The owner called me and was upset about the matter. I called Nancy and she said she'd talk to the driver, which had already left with the bike, and would call me back. She never called back. The next day I called and asked to talk to a supervisor. Another woman got on the phone and explained that they do not bring anything that's not attached to the bike. So basically Nancy lied to me to get my business and they didn't really give a s*it!. I used to transport autos so I can understant being a week late if they had trouble of some kind, but I can't stand being lied to. When my delivery date had came and gone, I called to check on the status of my delivery, there was no apparent trouble. My bike was at their hub. They said they were waiting for a driver to come in, take a couple days to load the bikes, then come my direction sometime late next week. I'm guessing it's going to be at least two weeks or more late now. I'd say these people are slackers and liars. I explained to the so called supervisor that I would tell as many people as I could about them but she didn't seem to care. Maybe her boss will, maybe not!

Bill Green
wigtale@Hotmail. com
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Posted by s on 2011-05-27:
Item condition: Used
Sells to: Worldwide
The sale went like clockwork and am very happy with the purchase and have not even seen the bike except in pictures. The problem is the company contracted by me to transport the new purchase. I contracted with them for 2 reasons. #1 is it was one of the shippers on the E-bay Site. I figured they had to be good if they were offering services on E-Bay. #2 I called Haul Bike after they Quoted the shipment to find out how long it would take to get the bike to me. I talked to Nancy who told me they had a truck close to the Area and was on the return leg to the warehouse in Wisconsin. I was told they had space on the truck and would be able to deliver in about a week after pick-up. I talked to the other services and they were all farther out due to shipments to and from bike week. Haul Bike wasn’t even the lowest quote. The quick delivery was most important to me. I don’t know about you but I have never purchased anything on the internet for more than $500.00 let alone spend close to $5000.00. I felt assured by using E-Bay. Long story short, I went with Haul Bikes. I was told the bike would be picked-up between 25-28 Feb 2011. When the bike was picked up Haul Bike did not call and tell me they had it. The seller called me and told me. I contacted Haul Bikes to find out a ETA on delivery and to offer a secondary drop location if they came through my area on the weekend. I was having the bike delivered to the warehouse I manage in St. Louis. I live in Illinois. I communicated with them to try to make the shipment as seamless to both parties as possible. I was told March 5-7. When the bike was not delivered on the 7th by 3pm I called on 3/8/11 to find out where it was. I was told by somebody Named Nancy that the Truck was broke down and they could not do anything about it. I was also told it would take another week and a half. Frustrated I hang up with her and waited until 3/17/11 to contact them again. I get Nancy on the phone and she tells me she doesn’t know anything about a broken down truck. Then she told me that the driver forgot that my bike was a pick-up and delivery. So he loaded 20 more bikes on to the truck and could not get mine off when it came time to deliver. But here is what really annoys me. I don’t like being lied to. I am strait up with everyone I deal with. I know that they had a truck probably headed south, and it swung by and loaded my bike, But where do you pick up 20 more bikes that quick. You go Further south and pick them up at bike week in Daytona. Then when you don’t deliver on what you say, you fall back on the contract and tell the customer that the contract states 2-3 weeks for delivery. I called Hual Bikes on 3/17/11. I asked where my bike was. I was told By Nancy that my Bike is in the warehouse in Wisconsin, Because the driver screwed up. I was also told that I would not get the bike until sometime the week of the 21st., I was told by Sharon they had a couple of deliveries on the way and I could not get any refund until the bike was delivered.
One thing I have not seen on your site is how to rate the services offered by a third party. If it is so unimportant for some of these providers maybe they need to be removed from the list. I told Hual bikes, that I want a partial refund on shipping costs. I made plans taking into account what they were telling me. I’ve had to stop what I have been doing to wait around for somebody to make a delivery and then not show or call to explain why I am being inconvenienced. NO COMUNICATION!!! Until I call or E-mail them.
I had planned on purchasing a classic car to add to my collection Since I had a good experience purchasing the Bike. Now I will have to rethink this approach. I don’t think I can trust the shippers offered on E-bay. I really am not going to pay somebody and have them not care whether I get what I order or not. I don’t understand why they act like they are doing me a favor and that they will deliver whenever they get around to it. If E-Bay has a place that I can go to rate this company I will write a review. Otherwise I am going to post this message on every message board I can find until I get SATISFACTION!!!
Something needs to be done about a company that Lies and doesn’t care about the customer.
e-bay did nothing but shine me on. they mst be getting paid off to let them keep screwing people over.
The person I talked to was Nancy and nothing that came out of that womans mouth was true.
Posted by Busygirl on 2012-09-11:
AMEN!! They are still doing dirty business!! First they picked my purchase up a week later than promised, then it sat for a week in Milwaukee. Finally got delivered 40 days after the original scheduled pick up date (contract stated 14-28 days). Now I am getting the runaround about the partial refund I was promised.

These people do NOT deserve your business!!!

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