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Dee's JFK Shell Complaint - Attitude Adjustment Needed at Dee's JFK Shell Station

Review by IM Customer on 2010-05-07
BLOOMFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Went to Dee's JKF Shell Station on Beach Street in Bloomfield, NJ this morning. Asked for a full tank of regular gas and gave the attendant my credit card. When my tank was full, he asked me for my card. I said I had given it to him already. He check his pockets, his office, etc., and said he did not have it. He asked me for my card again. I told him that I had given it to him.(getting nervous now - I was the only female at the gas station and he apparently lost my credit card!). He insisted that I did not give him my card and I said that I had given him my card. He treated me like an idiot, telling me to look in my purse -- I show him my wallet where I keep my card and the slot was empty. I told him that if he did not find my card, I could not pay for my gas. He wanted my home phone number - I said no (after all, he had no uniform, no name tag or id badge and had just lost my credit card!). The manager came over and was snarky with me right from the start. Gave me a left-handed sarcastic apology - totally made me feel like I was the problem, instead of his careless attendant. Totally chauvinistic and bullying manner from the gas station manager, who identified himself as a Bloomfield fireman - was that supposed to intimidate me??? So, I called my husband, who called our bank and he also called the Bloomfield Police because if the card was given to someone else, it could lead to credit card fraud, id theft - kind of serious, but Manager the Fireman was annoyed with ME the entire time. My husband came with his card to pay for the gas, the officer showed up, still Manager the Fireman is sticking his face into my car window, giving me a hard time, bullying me, telling me I had an attitude and then accusing me of trying to leave without paying for the gas. The Bloomfield Police Officer was Right In Front of My Car - I did not try to leave and husband was standing Right Next to the Bloomfield Police Officer with His Credit Card! If Manager the Bloomfield Fireman, had bothered to even try to be a little bit understanding, I wouldn't be writing this, but he continued to bully me, demanding payment for the gas and acting like a total ***. He lost my credit card, I have to wait 10 days for a new one, I missed an important meeting at work and was late for work, and all he cares about is telling me about how is he is a Bloomfield Fireman. Was he still trying to scare Me with that? He has Zero Customer Service Skills. If all you need is gas, I suppose you could go there, but if you want to be treated like a human being, go somewhere else! Do Not Patronize Dee's JKF Shell on Beach Street in Bloomfield. Oh, did I mention that Manager is a Bloomfield Fireman? That should help!!
Comments:10 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-05-07
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-05-07:
Sounds like a nightmare, but was it necessary to get the police involved? Couldn't you have had your husband locate the credit card company phone number and give it to you so you could report it lost right then and there to avoid any charges being made to it? I'm not saying Manager/Fire Marshall Bill was right-he sounds like a customer-deterrent, but I think having the police come out may have escalated the situation a little.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-05-07:
I think you handled that well. Better you call leo than the store.
Posted by saj80 on 2010-05-07:
Next time, use a station that has pay-at-the-pump and you won't have these types of issues.
Posted by MRM on 2010-05-07:
The gas stations in NJ are served by the attendents, which are annoying..
Posted by MRM on 2010-05-07:
Please correct me if Im wrong, but there are no self-serve gas stations in NJ.
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-05-07:
I haven't been to NJ in about 19 years, but last I remember, no self-serve allowed. Same with Oregon. Or Washington. One of those two.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-07:
It's Oregon...and I don't think it's annoying at all...and it provides more jobs which is always a good thing. Customers can get out of their vehicle and swipe their own card too, btw...that solves for any issues like this one from happening.

Posted by skelly39 on 2010-05-07:
I don't think it's annoying either. I wish they had it in MN where I live. I usually run out of gas when it's either 90 below with 50 mph winds or when the sun decides to move a few million miles closer to Earth.
Posted by furnman on 2010-05-07:
I was in NJ about 2 yrs ago, being from Mn I am used to filling it myself, when I drove up to the pump, I get out of the car go to the pump and want to pump my own, this guy comes over asking to help me, I told him thanks but I got it, he then had to tell me that actually state law required him to pump the gas. Sweet, it was in Jan. I got spoiled for the month I was there. He was polite about it and probably had a good laugh when I drove away.
Posted by old fart on 2010-05-07:
You can't pump your own gas in Noo Joisey....
It would help the state of Michigan to create a few more jobs if we did that!

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