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Review by artsofi on 2010-05-07
MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA -- This is to complain about the lack of security and indiference given to a robbery commited in one of rooms at this hotel. There was no force entry, the safe was opened without forcing it, so that leads me to believe it is someone that has access to the rooms without being noticed. They were careful not to take everything in the safe so as to not be noticed, fortunately my brother counted his money, him being the person that stayed at this hotel, and noticed the robbery, as to when it happened? He is not really sure but it couldn't have been more than a couple of days after his arrival, he immediately checked out of the hotel and was really disappointed about the way this was handled. Management told him he had no proof as to what was in the safe, therefore they were not responsible. I think they could at least try to find out the truth, they have cameras, the key is a security key, so if they really want to investigate they could and get to the bottom of this. Maybe complaining about it might help the next guest avoid having to go through what my brother had to endure. Thank you for the attention given to this matter.
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Posted by let me see? on 2010-05-07:
I'm sorry, but as not being a criminal I may not have this right. But if someone is going to get into a safe and steal only alittle so "it wouldn't be noticed" why wouldn't they just steal everything? Stealing is stealing, I think you get in trouble for stealing alittle or alot. Something is fishy here. Did your brother call the police? I use to work in hotel industry and you can't believe all the things stolen and people would want their room 100% comped. But when we said we would call police, they didn't want to report it (false report maybe??) But couldn't believe that we wouldn't comp their rooms.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-05-08:
Are you saying that money was stolen from the safe in you brother's room and that it was an inside job? Is it possible that your brother miscounted the money he put in the safe. That can very easily happen. I can't tell you how many times I'm convinced I lost money when in fact I spent it or miscounted. I think everyone has done that at some point.

I suppose the hotel could check the security cameras to see who went into the room, but that wouldn't prove anything. Since there are no cameras inside the room and there were no signs of the safe being broken into, and your brother has no proof of what was in the safe, I really don't see how this can be resolved. But I do think it was a good idea to alert the hotel of possible theft on its premises. If there are other reports, I'm sure they will investigate further.

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