Maroone Nissan Pines Blvd Complaint - Incompetent Nissan Dealership Mechanics at Pembroke Pines Nissan

Review by Qbanitoz on 2010-05-07
PEMBROKE PINES -- I have experienced the following issues with my 2003 Nissan 350Z at Maroone Nissan Pembroke Pines pending now since January. I have taken my car there at least 10 times now all spanning from the date a had a tune up done and mechanic kept leaving vacuum lines loose and had to come back over and over again because of the car sputtering and the check engine light coming on repeatedly. I have spent over $3,000.00 in repairs since that date because the car has never performed the same again and my last repair trying to resolve the issue but car was still not accelerating, showed low oil compression and again engine and oil lights where turning on to which the mechanic took the car in again and advised this was due to the catalytic converter being melted and in pieces clogging the exhaust and advised he cleared out the debris so the car could run properly until it can be replaced. This had the car running fine for three days until suddenly the same issues started again
and car turned off while I was driving almost causing a grave accident. I had the car towed to Nissan and now am being advised the whole engine has to be replaced ! ! After I looked at the paperwork the mechanic had only removed a few pieces of
debris from the right catalytic obstructing the exhaust leaving the rest inside and all of the left side obviously bringing forth the same
issues again as catalytic debris broke apart inside the exhaust I was led to believe where removed or hollowed out but while I was driving endangering my life and drivers around my car!!
I was bled for over $3,000.00 in repairs in misdiagnosis of my cars issues! Enough to have replaced my car engine or have it rebuilt! I am being told the car engine in locked now with pieces of the catalytic??!! So will cost me $9,000.00!!! Since when can an exhaust run backwards blowing catalytic pieces into the pistons or engine block? I have the service head manager saying this on my voicemail. I am so incredibly disgusted particularly since this will be my second contact with consumer affairs at Nissan when all this started in January with no resolution to my competency complaints and before this final outcome. I sent Nissan this complaint to make me whole on this issue and either fix my car or refund me all these repairs so I can get my car fixed somewhere where they know what their doing before I have to take this to the next level and contact my lawyer, media, internet and to all I can as to how Nissan has backed up their product and services letting bad mechanics at
these dealerships rape their customers like myself who have been a long term Nissan drivers since 1985 in my third Nissan which at this point I believe Nissan could give a dam about.

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