Made in Japan Complaint - Lied about my brakes

Review by Carrina on 2010-05-07
ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- Took my Honda in for warranty maintenance work. Although they were cheaper than the dealer, they did not complete all of the required work, but wait, it gets worse. They told me my brakes were very bad and needed all 4 done ASAP, especially since I was planning a long drive with my grandchild in the car. I did not have them do the brakes, took it to BrakeMasters in Roseville. They showed me that the brakes were fine, hardly any wear AT ALL, I did not need any work done to my brakes.
Watch out for Made in Japan, they tried to rip me off for an un-needed brake job.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-05-07:
The last thing you want to tell any auto repair service station is that you're going on a long road trip with your grandchild. I took my car to get an oil change and they recommended a lot of other services. I declined and did not tell them I was moving from Chicago to Atlanta the following day.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2010-05-08:
Depends weedwhacked. If you have a newer car with low miles-then yeah, you probably don't need to disclose that information. But if it were me, and I was going on a long road trip, and had an older car with high miles-then yeah-I'd probably ask them to check things over a little more carefully. I'd rather pay a little up front than be broken down on the side of a highway somewhere in a strange town-where, most likely, the shop you get your car towed to will take full advantage of you knowing you are stuck.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-05-08:
I can see both sides there. I used to work in a shop where we had a strict policy that every car that came in got a full safety inspection. MAny people took this to mean we tried to think up a lot of unneeded work. That was the farthest thing from the truth. We had a snowbird come in for a flat on the inside dual of her motorhome. I did the checks, shich were listed on the work order form. She flew into a tizzy, yelling that we were just trying to cheat her somehow. I told her I didn't care if she had the work done in our sho, or someplace else, and really couldn't care less if she never had it done. We performed this service to protect ourselves in the event of someone not being told of a problem suing us if they were driving down the road and a wheel fell off or something, and we hadn't told them about it. Public reaction was about 50/50, either pleased that possible problems were brought to their attention, or we were trying to pad the bill.

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