WalMart- Sterling, Illinois Informative - FREE $50.00 VIDEO GAME

Review by Dixon-Illinois on 2004-12-02
I was one of those Black Friday shoppers (first timer) that saw an ad and had to have the product. Up at 5am with coffee and rolls and ready to shop, we had decided to go to the local retail store for a video system we saw advertised. With much surprise, they were sold out at 6:30 am. Already the morning started off on the wrong foot. We did score some good stuff but this year was the good one. My boyfriend and I had decided to jointly purchase a video system as OUR gift. To be played today, not wait for christmas. =) So I was overly excited! I had decided to call Walmart and see if they had any XBOX's left. The associate said yes, but only the two game packs. They were "sold out" of the three game bundles. We decided, what the heck, better than no games. We drove straightaway for our XBOX.
Well, we were in time, there were about 20-25 two pack systems sitting right in the middle of the aisle for anyone to purchase. Although, nobody was. Hmmm! My mother a faithful Walmart wanderer was off in lala land and overheard two associates saying how "they couldn't bring out the XBOX Holiday 3packs until the two packs were sold". Well way to listen mom. Yeehaw!! She found me faster than lightening with her eagle ear news. I failed to mention she is wandering around with two broken arms in slings and casts. She must not have looked to threatening. haha! Well she demanded the manager and spoke of what she heard. After the associate of electronics promised my mother they had no Holiday Packs in back, my mom said "she would wait all day if she had to until all the other systems were sold and they brought out the good stuff, and wouldn't you feel silly when I'm still standing here after you just told me you didnt have anymore". Well after careful consideration of that response the lady told my mom to go pick any game and she could have it for FREE!!!! YES FREE!! So I picked the game, Need For Speed Underground! A $49.99 value, for free. My mom was in the army and she would have waited all day just to prove a point. I'm sure glad it didn't go that far. While I was checking out, my mother and boyfriend had been telling shoppers who had two game packs in their carts if the "yelled loud enough they could get Any game for free they wanted". So as I looked over my shoulder, walking away with my bag of goodies, I realized there were more people that would buy the system with two games, especially when the third was better than what was in the box to begin with. I dont know how much Walmart lost on that stupid equation, but it was worth it for us. If it were me, I would have let the "early birds" get the game systems with three games and those people that slept all day to wander in at 3 or 4 get the leftovers. Just goes to show that when you speak your mind and demand equal rights, sometimes people listen. I hope you all got what you wanted. We sure did. Thanks for reading- Create a Great Day!
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-09-27
Posted by Dixon-Illinois on 2004-12-03:
thanks for the insight!
Posted by AZJEM on 2004-12-04:
I guess it was a good thing for the customers but kinda rude for the employees. Must be why alot of them get cranky by mid-shift. I'm just looking at both sides.
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-12-15:
Wow. If only my mom was an unconscionable bully jerk like yours.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-27:
She wasn't a bully or a jerk. She was a consumer demanding fairness.

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