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Review by godblessamerica on 2010-05-11
BRANSON, MISSOURI -- I recently read an article from a disgruntled Papa John's customer who was dissatisfied with their service. I feel compelled to defend the greater behalf of Papa John's. His comments were a bad misrepresentation and reflection on the particular Branson franchise of Papa Johns. Humans are subject to fallibility. Everyone is capable of making errors and mistakes. It sounds as if this person was a wee bit persnickety, beligerent, or dainty. I personally worked there for three years and all of my fellow employees and managers were honest, genuine, fervent, and scrupulous workers. This is not a biased report. I just so happened to look up Papa John's because I wanted to trace some old fellow workers down and in doing so I came across a very sentimentalized and garbled customer review. I was trained with constructively scrutinizing supervisors. I am simply defending their well-deserved reputation. I have no ulterior motives or investments in the business.

Sincerely, Patrick Taylor Newsom
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-05-11:

Maybe you could come to Maryland and train my local Papa Johns; their pizza is undercooked, sparsely topped and bland. If you get what you order on the first try, you are lucky. I gave up on them a long time ago.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-11:
I've had mixed results with Papa John's over the years, mostly good. However, I will no longer order from the store closest to me. Complete jerks.

I do live in Louisville where Papa John Schnatter (so. Indiana) resides. I believe that Papa John's helped raise the bar for Pizza Hut and Dominoes. John Schnatter is a good guy that started the business in the kitchen of his dad's bar.

He stepped down as CEO a few years back, but still serves as chairman of the board. He is the spokesperson still.

The company grew like wildfire because it was a great pizza with innovative ideas. Like any big company, there will be stores that are poorly managed. The one near me is one, and possibly the one the OP speaks of.

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