McDonalds, Easton, MD Complaint - McNasty Marlboro Avenue McDonalds Staff

Review by Pearly on 2010-05-13
EASTON, MARYLAND -- My family won't be stopping @ the Easton, Maryland McDonalds on Marlboro Avenue (near the Lowe's store)again. Yesterday morning ~ 1015 AM when I requested a cup of coffee w/ hash browns & 2 breakfast burritos, the woman @ the 1st window took the order in an irritable way. The 2nd woman, also grumpy (& arguing via intercom w/ the 1st woman) the cashier, said the 1st woman had taken my order in error & we couldn't have the burrito & we had to order lunch (which we did do). The woman @ the 3rd window then said that the 1st 2 women were in error & that they had my orignal breakfast order after all. By that time, I took the bag I was handed & a few minutes later I discovered one breakfast burrito, no hash browns & lukewarm coffee.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-05-14:
They sound like a cranky bunch. Not cool to be arguing in front of customers, who are trying to buy some food. Contact the corporate office, and let them know how they are doing at this location.

McDonald's Corporation
McDonald's Plaza
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Posted by Starlord on 2010-05-14:
Sounds like an old radio show about a couple always fighting, The Bickersons.
Posted by saturner on 2010-07-16:
I would talk to the store manager and tell what's going on in his shift. Maybe he is not good enough to command his employees.
Posted by LKufahl on 2012-11-09:
A McDonald’s upside down flag that was flown at half mast in West Virginia following the reelection of President Barack Obama has caused anger by some local residents, as well as those throughout the nation.

The McDonald’s upside down flag, flown at half mast as if to celebrate a tragedy or death, was seen by many patrons and passer-bys following Tuesday’s night Obama victory. This particular McDonald’s restaurant is located in Follansbee, West Virginia, and while everyone may not agree with President Obama’s politics, many Americans regardless of politics are bothered that such an established corporation as McDonalds would be a party to such a disrespectful act.

It’s important to point out, however, that the actions of this particular McDonald’s restaurant do not necessarily represent the company’s feelings or attitude in any way, shape, or form. Each McDonald’s restaurant has an independent owner, and in regards to Follansbee, West Virginia, it’s being reported that it was the owner who made the decision regarding the upside down flag.

The manager of this McDonald’s restaurant has since spoke out about this issue on their Facebook page. According to them, the upside down flag was simply a mistake:

"I just want to say: I am a manager at that McDonald's. The flag was to be flown at half-staff as per McDonald's Corporation. As for it being flown upside down--it was a complete and total accident. NO ONE at our store would PURPOSELY fly the flag upside down. Our flag pole is actually broken, and we are unable to move the flag."
My Question issimple. Why did McDonalds Corporation tell this or any franchise to fly their flag at half staff? Until this question is answered in the media, and a formal apology is made on McDonalds behalf to the citizens of the United States of America, I, with many others will be boycotting McDonalds corporation.

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