Spiritair Complaint - Worst managed airline that will soon be out of business.

Review by j33 on 2010-05-14
FLORIDA -- To tell you Spirit Airlines is the worst airline in business is an understatement. Yesterday I flew in from Costa Rica to Ft. Lauderdale FL. and had a transfer to LAX with a three hour lay over. Have no problem relaxing a bit between a crappy flight. No peanuts no soda or water, no in flight movie, and they don't except cash for anything you may want to purchase on the flight. "Way to lose revenue" Very dumb!!!! Customers want options specially when they are spending they're money.

Thats not really the problem the problem is that the airport had a fire and required everyone to evacuate for at least an hour. This meant everyone had to go back through security which was at least 1000 people by the time they open the doors for everyone to proceed through security to they're terminal I had 15 minutes to catch my scheduled flight. Well you do the math no way could I make it in time so you would almost bet all the airlines would delay for the same amount of time the airport was evacuated for. Not spirit!!!!!!! Even though they were missing a large number of passengers on each flight they proceeded to leave. Doesn't make sense!!!

I finally made it through security and ran to my gate. The original departure time was 8:20 pm and it was now 8 :45 pm. Now as I was running to the gate I told each spirit agent that was holding a radio to radio the LAX flight saying they have more passengers including me hold the flight. Didn't happen got to the gate the plane wasn't detached from the loading tunnel. The door was closed. First spirit guy I see by the gate holding a radio I said hey radio to the captain and tell him the flight was missing some passengers that needed to be on the flight. The plane was had not left the gate yet. The agents response was without a care "its to late". Not true the plane couldve waited another 10 minutes to load 10 more passengers. The second response from the spirit agent was the flight is full. What a lie!!!! I'm checked in have a ticket a seat assignment and they're full, yeah right. What about the other people that were behind me scheduled to be on the same flight? HMMMMMM???? So far lies crappy service and terrible flight.

Now I'm thinking the plane is not going to leave as four other passengers join me at the gate requesting the flight to be stopped. With little care from the agent the tunnel is being detached from the aircraft. Agent saying the flight is full. Can't be possible we all have tickets with seat assignments. Now I realize I'm going to miss my 9:30 am presentation to one of my largest clients.

Next move is to be rerouted to another airport to be in lax by the morning. Not possible they tell me. Next I deal with the supervisor I ask him can you get me another flight. He said all flights are full. Ok so now I have to stay in Ft. Lauderdale lucky for me I have a business partner that lives near the airport. I have a place to stay and a ride. So I proceed to ask the supervisor that I would appreciate a ticket voucher for another ticket due to the inconvenience. He said we are not at fault nor are we issuing any ticket vouchers. We can offer you a place at the days in and transport to the airport, I respond I don't need it, can you offer me something else. No he says. Well if you calculated the number of people that were not allowed to board a flight that hadn't left gate yet in addition to the seats they needed to make available for those having to reschedule and have to put them up in a hotel for the night you see what I see an airline that will no longer be in existence come December of this year. Poor customer service poor management and just the worst experience of any airline ever.

Don't fly spirit. It may seem cheaper the truth is time and comfort with people that care is worth an extra 30 dollars.

Hope I don't lose my client
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-05-14:
You obviously don't understand how airlines operate. First of all Spirit didn't start the fire (or did it?) Airlines are rated not by how friendly their agents are but by ON-TIME performance. I used to work for an airline and there's no such thing as calling the gate to hold a flight. Flights need to get out on time to not delay the next leg of the flight. At 20 minutes to departure time the captain has already calucated the passengers and baggage weight onboard and cannot accept more weight after the paperwork is in.

Claiming they'll soon be out of business is just wishful thinking on your part.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-05-14:
I don't think you understand that it's not as simple to hold a plane as you think it is. Just because it is attached does not mean it is actively able to load passengers. They have to get the weight in check and everything. Although your situation is unfortunate, they have a job to the other passengers who got there on time to take off on time.

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