national organization for women Informative - N.O.W. Promotes Hatred of Men!

Review by mjholly on 2004-12-06
I am very mad at the National Organization for Women! You know why? That evil group hates all men. Many N.O.W. members defend women on trial for murdering nice boyfriends and husbands for their life insurance savings by encouraging them to fabricate the batter women's syndrome defense. N. O. W. also encourages women to carry guns in public placeas and shoot men who are accused rapists and sex offenders, making them take the law into their own hands instead of calling the police. This may end up in a man who was falsely accused of rape or misidentified as a potential rapist or child molester being shot. I am also furious that N.O.W. does not care about the rights of men. For example, N.O.W. women press for men who murder abusive women in self-defense to get the death penalty but opposes the death penalty for women who murder innocent men for their money. N.O.W. is a bunch of evil female thugs and terrorists and it encourages women to become evil thugs, mobsters, murderers, and terrorists who murder innocent men. N.O.W. is an evil bunch of evil men-hating femi-terrorists and femi-thugs!!!
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Posted by peopleRignorant on 2004-12-07:
I agree with you to an EXTENT, I'm not quite as radical in my beliefs. But I'm not too fond of organizations such as NOW and NAACP who stick their nose in business that does not pertain to them JUST b/c a woman or a black person was involved. It doesn't make any sense. They're both very influential, they can call for a massive nationwide boycott of a chain just b/c the cousin of the CEO of NOW or NAACP had a bad experience. I dunno about anyone else, but I don't let anybody tell me where I can and can't eat, shop, or spend the night....sounds like anarchy to me
Posted by SF on 2004-12-07:
If a white man would voice their opinion like NOW and the NAACP does they would be called racist.
Posted by AZJEM on 2004-12-07:
You're forcing me to investigate this information cause it sounds pretty radical to me. I do agree, I have seen some pretty great men get the shaft just because an angry wife/girlfriend accuses him of hitting,pushing.etc without any proof. "AND" the poor guy is standing there with blood all over him. His word means nothing. I quit watching the show "COPS" just for this reason. And I'm a girl. As for rapists and child molesters, don't get me started!!!!
Posted by CAMedWmn on 2005-04-12:
Wow, you sure do have issues with women!

Fact: Just under 5% of domestic violence complaints are ruled to be false.

Fact: One in five victims of domestic abuse are MEN!!!

Fact: Women are more likely to DROP a complaint of domestic abuse than a man is.

Fact: Men are 1,000 times more likely to not report domestic abuse against themselves than women.

These are US statistics, and likely flawed at best. Working in healthcare, I believe the numbers of men being abused is probably higher.

NO ONE deserves to be a victim of violence (except child molesters and rapists). That there are women who abuse the system is a no-brainer. But men abuse it in a different way, by refusing to report when they are victimized.

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