Steve Fields Steak And Lobster Lounge In Plano Texas Complaint - Cook not washing his hands after a #2

Review by eman3927 on 2010-05-14
PLANO, TEXAS -- I went into Steve Fields steak and lobster lounge on 5/09/2010 at 1:53 pm. I enjoyed the crab dip, 8oz filet, add shrimp, wedge salad. The bartender was great. After my meal I went to the bathroom and went to wash my hands and I noticed a cook coming out from doing a #2 and walked right passed the sinks and headed for the kitchen, with my hands dripping wet chased after him and before I could catch him in ran into the kitchen. I told the cocktail server about what had happened, she told me well they have sinks back in the kitchen don't worry about it. I said there are sinks in the bathrooms what makes me think he will wash his hands back there if the sinks in the bathrooms aren't used. I asked to speak to a manager and Steve fields came out to talk. I told him what happened and the whole time he kept smiling and then when I was finished he said he was a dishwasher don't worry about it. I said oooh ok so the cooks have to wash there hands after a #2 because they touch our food, but the dishwashers don't have to because they put their non clean #2 hands on the clean dishes that the cooks put our food on those dishes. I was disgusted and will never go to a place where the owner says it's ok if the dishwasher doesn't wash his hands after taking a #2. Steve fields never said he was sorry for what I saw.
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Posted by eman3927 on 2010-05-15:
As for being postive about what your employee did for what I said, when you hear someone going #2 there is no mistaking that for anything but a #2. Then when your employee is the only one in the stall and the other guy that isn't was standing next to me doing a #1 it is very hard not to be POSITIVE about what he did.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-05-15:
The restaurant employee is not madconsumer's employee. As far as I know, mad does not own or operate a resaurant. Every restaurant I have been in has a sign over the washbasins that Employees Ar Required to Wash Hands Before (yes, before) Returning to Work. If the manager or owner gives you that line of bull, call the health department. That type of goings on can lose the restaurant their Board of Health License.
Posted by eman3927 on 2010-05-16:
Well I know that the plano health department is not gonna be paranoid when they pay you guys a visit. I have this all over the internet, I have put it on everything that I could possibly could to tell everyone about your place.

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